Apple had plans to launch color AirPods and iPhone 7 in purple color


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The AirPods have been known since their launch for their white reflective plastic design, but indications suggest that the path could have been very different. That’s because a leaked prototype shows the first generation of the phone with a colorful charging case, and, according to information, Apple’s initial goal would be to sell the product in five different colors. As if that were not enough, another image reveals that the company could have released the iPhone 7 in purple.

A post made on Twitter by the collector of rare Apple products @KosutamiSan reveals a prototype of the AirPods with the outer part of the charging case in a light beige (or gold) tone, keeping the inner region and the earphones in the traditional white color.

Second KosutamiApple planned to launch the first AirPods in red, pink, black, purple and “blonde” (blonde, in translation), which would be the almost golden color of the prototype leaked above.

It is said that the colored cases for the AirPods were intended to match the colors of the iPhone 7 of the same year. The device was originally launched in Black, Silver, Gold and Pink, also getting a (PRODUCT)RED version in a red tone a few months later.

In addition, the company would have tested the iPhone 7 in purple. The photo below also shared by Kosutami shows the device with holes for speakers in the upper region and rear camera with microphone and LED flash aligned vertically. None of this made it to the final version, which did not have the holes in the upper region and kept the alignment of the camera elements horizontally.

The collector reinforces that such plans were not discarded until the stages of DVT (design validation test) or PVT (production validation test), indicating that Apple came very close to not presenting several color options of the AirPods and an iPhone 7 with minor design changes and an additional purple color.

Since then the company has maintained almost all headphones in the characteristic white color. The only model in the lineup that brought new color options were the AirPods Max, available in Silver, Gray, Pink, Green and Blue.

Source: Kosutami