Apple: from 2027 iPhones will have a removable battery (RUMOR)


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Apple: from 2027 iPhones will have a removable battery (RUMOR)

It is said that by 2027 the iPhones they must be equipped with replaceable and interchangeable batteries; to say so, a new rule proposed by the Council of the European Union.

Let’s make the point: the Council of the European Union (EU) has just decreed that, starting from 2027, companies that want to sell their devices on our continent will have to comply with a very strict new rule. Smartphones will have to feature replaceable batteries (just like they did ten years ago, if you recall). This decision aims to empower users by giving them the ability to change the energy cells of gadgets even without dedicated knowledge or tools. It seems that, if approved, this rule will enter into force within 20 days of its publication in the Official Journal. This therefore implies that Apple will have to put a hand on the design of its terminals in order to make the battery replacement process… immediate. According to a consideration that has just emerged, it could also benefit the company. Let’s see how.

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iPhone: What will happen to removable batteries?

In fact, Apple, as well as other telephone companies, could find the process of maintaining replaceable batteries only in the EU so difficult, so it is logical that it will have to go and make this substantial change in all territories. Again in response to the EU, we know that the Cupertino OEM will have to remove the Lightning in order to allocate a USB Type-C port on the frame of the next iPhone 15.

Returning to sustainable batteries, these could become a convenience for users; you can replace a discharged energy cell with a new, small and compact one, to always have in your pocket. For the company it could be an (unexpected) advantage: it could generate a new revenue stream from the sale of extra batteries, for example. What do you think of such a structural modification? Let us know.

However, it is still several years before we see this; there is no need to worry or speculate too much about it. Meanwhile, if you want to buy an iPhone at a good price, we recommend the best 128 GB iPhone 14 for only €800.00.

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