Apple fined $2 Million in Brazil for not including Charger in iPhone 12 series.


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Apple got fine, Brazil fined Apple, $2 Million fine to Apple

Since the launch of the iPhone 12 series in October 2020, Apple has faced much criticism for not including chargers in the phone box. Apple fined $2 Million in Brazil by a consumer care agency for excluding the charger in iPhone 12 series. The fine is for committing two crimes: Not including the charger and misleading advertisement by the company.

Apple’s real Problem:

Before the launch of its flagship phone, Apple announced that the company will not include ear-buds and chargers in the phone box. Apple just added the Lightning to USB-C cable in the phone box. The company said, by not including these accessories will help in the reduction of carbon emission. The company wants to switch to wireless charging which’s why it useless to make power adapters, says Lisa Jackson.

Procon didn’t get a reply from Apple when they asked them to decrease the price of the iPhone 12 for not including accessories. The consumer care agency has also blamed Apple for its poor “customer care” when someone faces difficulty with their phone functionality.

Not including the charger is not the only issue reported against the American tech giant. There are other few complaints registered against the company that’s why Apple fined $2 Million in Brazil.

  • Misleading Advertisement by the company:

The users of the iPhone 11 Pro claimed that Apple is failed to repair their phones after water problems. This is not the first time we have received such a report against Apple.

  • Issues in IOS Update:

Some users have faced difficulties with some features of the iPhone after updating.

Apple fined $2 Million in Brazil which is nothing for a tech giant like Apple as they have earned $111.4 Billion in the first quarter of 2021. Apple has not responded to this fine but they have time to consult to court against this fine. Other countries may also think to impose the fine against Apple following the steps of Brazil.

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