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Apple Event: when, where and what releases to expect

Apple Event

Manzana announced its first keynote of 2022, which will be held on March 8 from Apple Park in United States.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Greg Joswiak, the company’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. The motto of the event is “Peek performance” which is pronounced the same as “peak performance”, a phrase that implies “maximum performance”, which It implies that more powerful teams than their successors will be presented.

new Apple keynote March 8, 2022, Peak performance

In this way, a rumor that had been coming for months and that pointed to the possibility that the computer giant would hold a first event in March is confirmed. What to expect from this meeting? It is estimated that Apple would present a new phone of the line iPhone SE. The mobile would include a 6.1-inch screen, some features of the iPhone XR, and would not come with facial recognition (Face ID).

Another candidate to say present in this keynote is a new iPad Air that would integrate the new A15 Bionic chip, 5G support and a photographic section that promises to be more attractive than that of its predecessor.

It is estimated that the new M2 chip will be presented in a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, as well as in a MacBook Air and a Mac mini. And if there weren’t to be so many presentations, at least according to the specialized journalist of Bloomberg Mark Gurman, at least there will be a new Mac” that day.

Other news: iPhone 14 and 15

A few weeks ago some details about the specifications of the iPhone 14 were revealed. The next Apple mobile would include improvements in the battery, thanks to the optimization that the 5G chip integrated in the terminal will provide. Also, it is known that the manufacturer responsible for creating the new chip would be TSMC, which has long been able to work with the 6-nanometer process.

On the other hand, it has been said that the company’s new team would have WiFi 6AND. This is an interesting evolution over previous generations, as they will be able to use the 6 GHz frequency, among other things, for greater speed and stability during data transfers.

Even, if confirmed, it will be an option to connect the iPhone 14 with augmented or mixed reality glasses, which everything indicates that the Cupertino company is preparing.

Along with this information, some data on the iPhone 15a device that will not see the light until 2023. It is estimated that the new smartphone will involve a total renovation of the camera module and the novelty of a scroll wheel

The Yanko Design blog showed off one of the first iPhone 15 concepts, with a complete redesign of the camera module. The website says what the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max camera module will be, including: a telephoto lens, a wide-range lens, and a periscope lens.

According to several of the leaked features of the iPhone 14, such as the 6.1 and 6.7-inch models that will no longer have a notch and the removal of ports under the terminal, it is said that the iPhone 15 will follow the same steps. Of course, one of the novelties of this device will be the screen with a refresh rate of 144hz.

The iPhone 15 is still a long way off, but new concepts will start to emerge and there will be leaks of the design plans throughout the year, as there is already for the iPhone 14.

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