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Apple could finally improve the zoom on its iPhones

Apple has always been able to position the iPhone among the best smartphones for taking photos and videos. Nevertheless, the firm could still improve the cameras of its next models, for example, by using new technologies to improve the zoom.


Currently, some manufacturers of Android smartphones use a technology called periscope lens to increase their optical zooms. And for a while, rumors suggest that Apple could also adopt this technology on its next models.

Jahwa Electronics makes a major investment, Apple would be behind

Today, it becomes clearer. In an article published this week, our colleagues from 9to5Mac relay a publication from the Korean media The Elec. According to this, the Korean company Jahwa Electronics recently announced an investment plan of 191 billion won, or more than 143 million euros, in order to increase its production.


According to explanations from The Elec, Jahwa Electronics is a producer of optical image stabilization (OIS) actuators for smartphones. And the fact that this company is investing in new production capacities would mean that it has just won a new customer: Apple. Last year, Apple officials are said to have visited the factories of this Korean company.

This supplier would start delivering actuators to Apple from next year. Furthermore, all additional production capacity should be reserved for Apple, since the firm generally requests exclusive production lines from its suppliers.


These actuators would be intended for the telephoto lenses of future iPhones. And according to 9to5Mac, these components should be used with periscope lenses, which allowed Apple to improve the quality of zoom on its future iPhones.

Towards a significant improvement in the Apple camera on the iPhone 15 Pro?

As usual, this information is unofficial and therefore caution is advised. But in any case, The Elec article corroborates other rumors about the arrival of periscope lenses on the iPhone.

At first, it was thought that Apple might start using this technology on the iPhone 14 series. But today, it is increasingly likely that this type of zoom will only arrive on the iPhone in 2023, on the iPhone 15 series.


According to the MacRumours site, two of the most reliable analysts concerning future Apple products (Ming Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu) would predict that periscope lenses will not be offered until 2023, on the iPhone 15 Pro.

In any case, the technology should allow a significant improvement in the quality of Apple cameras. “The folded zoom uses a prism to bend the light before it hits the image sensor __ it’s kind of a periscope-like telephoto lens. Technology makes camera modules thinner so they don’t stick out of smartphone back covers.”explained The Elec in an article published in 2021.

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