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Apple beat Samsung in the presentation month of the S23

Apple beat Samsung in the presentation month of the S23

The Galaxy S23 family was launched in February, and the highest interest in the top models is always at the time of the premiere. Of course, it is worth adding that the three flagships were not throughout February available. In any case: Apple has strengthened its market share so much in recent months that Samsung’s throne, which has been unshakable for years, including the Galaxy A-, M- and F-series, was shaken, and in January and February, according to Statcounter, the throne was usurped.

International market share in monthly breakdown (source: Statcounter) [+]

Even though Apple hasn’t announced a single new phone yet this year, it still led in February with a 27.1% share, and this is unpleasant not only for Samsung (26.75%), but also for the other manufacturers, who deliver dozens of the new models. Only Xiaomi can stick out above the they were still running category (12.29%), Oppo (6.86%), Vivo (5.3%), Realme (4.03%), Motorola (2.28%) and OnePlus (1.22 %) share the rest, while others did not even reach 1%, take Sony for example.

The three Galaxy S23
According to Counterpoint, the three Galaxy S23s gave enough push to reclaim the throne in February [+]

March is likely to bring Samsung’s rise to prominence, after all, the S23 series was available every day of the third month, and this year’s cheaper range is also increasing nicely. The closeness of the battle shows that in February, according to Counterpoint Research, Samsung just regained the throne with a 21.1% share, while Apple had to settle for 20.2%. They were followed by Xiaomi (11.5%), Oppo (8.9%) and Vivo in the top 5 (8.2%). However, the deviation between the two research institutes is quite large, in any case Counterpoint points out that the opening after the Chinese coronavirus lockdown did not boost the mobile market either: the 89.57 million units delivered in the 2nd month are 10% below the January numbers and 15% from last year’s.

The market share in Hungary
The market share in Hungary (source: Statcounter) [+]

Samsung’s throne in Hungary, however, is unshakable: Statcounter calculated a 38.39% share, and Apple lost the silver medal spot to us already in November. In February, Xiaomi was also in second place with a 22% share, and the iPhone was in third place with a share of 18.32%, while Huawei was able to show a share of 12.87% despite the downward trend. According to the page above, the others were not dealt much.

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