Apple and Microsoft lead the top 50 of the most innovative companies in the world, this is the complete list

Apple and Microsoft lead the top 50 of the most innovative companies in the world, this is the complete list
Innovative companies. (photo: TOP1 Markets)

The climate and sustainability These are the two priority areas of current company strategies, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study. In this sense, the international technology company Manzana led the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) list of 50 most innovative companies in the world for second consecutive Year.

Also, the report states that microsoft moved up two places to second place, while amazon moved up one place to third. However, only one in five companies is prepared to act in the field of climate or sustainable development.

This makes it necessary to include these issues as a priority in their innovation engines, to have the necessary skills and will to develop innovations in products and processes, as well as, obviously, business models.

in your report Are you ready for green growth? For the first time, BCG asked about the importance of innovation in terms of climate and sustainable development.

This study shows that while there are large companies announcing their commitment to zero carbon emissions almost every day, the gap between their commitment and actual capabilities is becoming a problem, but innovation is the solution to close it.

Innovation, necessary to achieve progress against climate change

Using BCG’s innovation assessment tools, this report measures and assesses the performance of each company and reveals which companies are the most innovative and environmentally friendly. The aforementioned study shows that almost three quarters of climate and sustainability companies still need improvement and that 80% of all companies face a steep learning curve.

Ramon Baeza, CEO and main partner of BCG, states: ‚Äúcompanies are increasingly aware that innovation is a boost for their commitments to Climate and Sustainability to materialize more effectively. At the same time, investors, regulators, customers and shareholders expect large companies and their CEOs to take the lead in making real progress against global warming.”

“Innovative European companies, and in particular Spanish ones, stand out for their commitment to sustainability and there are many that are already taking measures to reduce emissions and eliminate them,” he adds.

(photo: Accept Mission)
(photo: Accept Mission)

The companies that are most committed to sustainability

The report also shows that many of the 50 most innovative companies on the 2022 list are also leaders in climate and sustainability innovation.

In fact, many of them are among the earliest adopters of environmental, social and governance principles and carbon commitments. Nearly 80% (39 of them) are ranked as the top innovators in climate and sustainable development based on global votes from their peers.

Illustration of innovative companies.  (photo: Real Estate)
Illustration of innovative companies. (photo: Real Estate)

Among them, it stands out Manzana which, for the second consecutive year, occupies the first place in the ranking. microsoft move up two positions to second place, amazon move up one place to third Alphabet drops three places to fourth and Tesla maintains its fifth position. SamsungModern, huawei, Sony and IBM They complete the top 10.

Four new companies enter the Top 50: ByteDance (no. 45), Nvidia (no. 15), panasonic (no. 46) and zalando (no. 25).

Also noted on this year’s list is a rebound in the automotive sectoras GM (no. 42) and Ford (#43) are back in the top 50; Tesla (#5) and Toyota (#21) hold their positions, and Mitsubishi It stands at No. 49.

(photo: BCG Most Innovative Companes -MIC- Report 2022)
(photo: BCG Most Innovative Companes -MIC- Report 2022)

As in the previous five years, more than half of the companies on this year’s list are located in North America.

However, Asia Pacific and China continue to be regions of growing innovation, with the presence of companies in these regions increasing from four and three companies in 2018 to eight and seven companies in 2022.

The sectors with the largest carbon emitters

According to the report, durable goods (85%), automotive (78%), utilities (77%), and oil and gas (77%) are the largest carbon emitters.

Companies that already emit a lot of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are 20% more likely than low-emitting companies to focus on technological solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide.  (photo: National Geographic)
Carbon dioxide. (photo: National Geographic)

On the other hand, companies that have established climate and sustainability as one of their strategic priorities emphasize several aspects in their innovation models more than other types of innovators.

They are more ambitious, identify areas to focus on, better manage their priorities and have clear performance targets. They also communicate more actively with their partners and even with competitors. Innovative companies also saw a positive impact on productivity with their innovation activities. innovation and research and development.

For example, 80% of companies surveyed work remotely at least two days a week and 49% of climate and sustainability companies say their innovation and R&D productivity have improved by 10% to 50%. percent to these new ways of working.