Apple already works on iPhone 15 with USB-C and powerful zoom

Apple already works on iPhone 15 with USB-C and powerful zoom
As we prepare for the arrival of the iPhone 14 in a few weeks, news related to next year’s models continues to pop up online. Now, a new rumor points out that Apple has already started development of the iPhone 15.

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The information was shared by the account AppleTrack and by the informant ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, although both don’t raise details beyond what’s already been revealed: that Apple engineers focus on designing the future lineup of 2023 phones.

Among the main news expected for the iPhone 15 is the presence of the USB-C connector for charging and data transfer and the debut of the periscope camera with horizontally aligned lenses, offering images with a zoom greater than 2x without loss of quality.

Such improvements may only be present on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, leaving the iPhone 15 and 15 Max with the dual camera set without a dedicated zoom lens and keeping the Lightning connector, but adopting higher speeds that will only be present on the iPhone 14. For this year.
Another rumor circulating on the internet is that Apple would take the new “i”-shaped notch for all models of the iPhone 15 line, ending once and for all the wide notch to house the Face ID and front camera.

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max debut this year with a new notch, which can be taken to the entire 2023 iPhone 15 line (Image: Reproduction/Canaltech)

With the iPhone 14 announcement event just a few weeks away, more news related to next year’s models is expected to emerge in the following months, though initial leaks may still be uncertain given the start of development and uncertainties related to what Apple may or may not adopt. on such devices.

Apple’s special event is set to take place on September 7 and will feature the iPhone 14 alongside the new AirPods Pro and three Apple Watch models.

The new generation will focus on four devices, including the debut of a cheaper model with a 6.7-inch screen and major advances in premium models, including a new notch, Always On Display, 48 MP rear camera, 8K recording and a lot more. Check out more details about the new iPhone 14.

Source: AppleTrack