Another bunch of One UI 5.0 updates have rolled out

Humans and portable technology have grown strangely together in the 21st century, the scale of which science fiction did not even dare to dream of back then. In addition to its many advantages, it has side effects such as mobile addiction or detecting a phantom vibration in your pocket when our phone is not even talking to us. On the other side, system updates release a hormone of happiness in the hope that the mobile will somehow become better, and One UI 5.0 in particular, focused on transitions and general speed, made objective progress at Samsung, incorporating quite a few Android 13 novelties.


The Galaxy A72 also indicates that One UI 5.0 can be installed [+]

Almost a month after the publication of the first public update, dozens of mid-range and high-end phones have received the latest system and interface (or are receiving it from regions and service providers where things are slower), and the Galaxy Z Fold2 is now adding to their list. the 5G Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy A72. Of these, the clamshell phone is the oldest, but One UI 5.0 is not yet available for the original 4G variant at this moment, only for the 5G edition starting in mid-2020. Nevertheless, in the case of both models, Android 13 is the final destination for generational system updates, of course they can also count on security bug fixes afterwards.

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