Anohana and 10 drama animes for you to know

Who likes to anime may want to enjoy some plots that go beyond comedy or action. You anime of drama are intended to thrill and make you reflectespecially about deep and even intimate issues.


Are you ready to try this genre? So, check out the list with 11 amazing tips for anime of drama that we separated for you!

1. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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Produced in 2011, this anime follows six childhood friends who are separated after one of them dies in an accident. Five years after the tragedy, Jinta Yadomi – leader of the group – is a recluse from society.

Until one day his friend’s ghost appears to him and asks him to grant his wish.. Jinta will then have to meet his friends again to make peace with the past.

two. Violet Evergarden


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the beautiful Violet Evergarden 2018, tells the story of the character that gives the title its name, a girl who was trained to be a war machine.

After the end of the military conflict, she has mechanical prostheses in place of her arms, and is wondering what love is.. It is worth remembering that the production is available in the Netflix catalog.

3. Charlotte

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Charlotte narrates a story that takes place in a distant world, in which a small portion of the children begins to manifest supernatural powers as soon as they reach adolescence. Yuu Otosaka, for example, can get into people’s minds. and control them for a few seconds.

Along with sister Ayumi, he transfers to Hoshinoumi Academy, where they will join the student council to seek out other young people with superpowers. Soon, Yuu begins to discover that there are many secrets there.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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In this exciting anime 2009, we meet two brothers who have lost their mother and try to resuscitate her using alchemy. In the process, the younger one ends up losing his own body and the older one loses an arm, but manages to fix his brother’s soul in a suit of armor.

They then set out on a journey in search of the philosopher’s stone to try to recover their bodies. For this, the brothers enlist in a military corporation that is plotting to destroy the country.

5. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 begins when Mirai, a high school student, takes her little brother Yuuki on a tour of the artificial island of Odaiba to see a robot exhibit. In the middle of the tour, Othere is a large earthquake of magnitude 8.0destroying many things in Japan.

In order to save themselves, they team up with Mari – a motorcyclist who is looking for her daughter and her mother after the natural disaster.

6. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

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this great anime brings an interesting premise about technologies: what would happen if machines became smarter than their creators?

In this context, we follow Vivy, the first AI that is sent on a journey through time to prevent a tragedy. Then, we have contact with their conflicts about their very existence and with the differences it has in relation to human beings.

7. To Your Eternity

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To Your Eternity follows the plot of Fushi, a sphere-shaped creature that is sent to Earth. She takes the form of whatever she stimulates, and can come back from the dead whenever she wants.

In his trajectory, Fushi needs to learn to survive but also to live a dignified life. It is an exciting journey that talks about self-knowledge and the search for a meaning about existence.

8. Angel Beats!

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That anime has a very different story: a boy who doesn’t remember his own name wakes up next to a girl, who offers him a gun and tells him that he must shoot an angel.

He thinks there is a misunderstanding there, but he almost dies at the hands of this angel. What the boy still doesn’t know is that he is involved in a warlike and dramatic plot, dealing with immortality..

9. The Aquatope on White Sand

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The Aquatope on White Sand talks about two girls, Fuuka and Kukura. They come from different places and have opposite personalities., but end up meeting and sharing many things. O anime shows a coming of age story full of drama and emotion.

10. Blue Period

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Blue Period follows the story of Yatora Yaguchi, a brilliant student with high grades but who lives a life of delinquency. One day, he comes across an oil painting painted by an older colleague, and discovers something that really interests him: the world of the arts.

But dedicating himself to this will not be an easy task for Yatora, who faces various problems, as well as his friends. The production is available on Netflix.

11. Kanon

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As a child, Yuichi Aizawa was very close to her cousin, but a traumatic event caused them to drift apart.

Seven years later, she returns to her city and moves in with her cousin. The reunion will make remember people from the past and better understand the episodes of your childhood.

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