Angelina Jolie, missing from the cinema, confesses her personal crisis after divorcing: “I haven’t been myself for a decade”

Although his career has never been the most prolific in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie He has been dosing his appearances on screen like never before for a long time. After the bad reception to Oceanfront, the film he directed and starred in alongside Brad Pitt In 2015, the actress and director has only signed one feature (They took him, 2017) and has acted in four live-action films, including Maleficent: Mistress of evil and Eternals (2021), his debut in the Marvel Universe.

What is the reason for this drop in production? In an interview for Vogue (via Variety), Jolie herself has acknowledged that responds to the aftermath of her divorce from Pitt. A breakup that took place in September 2016, after she and her now ex-husband had a loud fight on board a plane.

“I’m still in transition as a person,” explains the actress. And she continues: “These days I feel a little exhausted. I haven’t been myself for a decade, Although I don’t want to give details about that.”

Thus, Jolie made the decision seven years ago to act in fewer films. And with an important condition, too: “she only accepted jobs that did not require long takes.” “I had a lot of things to heal from. I still have to regain my balance,” he explains.

What does Angelina Jolie do now?

Right now, Angelina Jolie adds, her efforts are not focused on cinema but on Atelier Jolie, your eco-sustainable fashion brand.

“I think, in part, this has been therapeutic for me: working in a creative space with people you trust and rediscovering yourself,” she explains. “I hope to change many aspects of my life,” he adds, “And this allows me to look forward.”

In fact, Angelina recognizes that her personal crisis has also affected her style. “After going through something that hurt me, a therapist asked me if she would be willing to wear a loose dress,” she explains. “It sounds silly, but I thought wearing pants and boots made me look tougher and stronger. But Was it strong enough to be soft? Not at that time.”

“Then I felt vulnerable,” he adds. And now I wonder if I don’t know what my style is because “I’m still discovering who I am at 48 years old.”

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