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Angela Bassett, Mick Jagger… The farewells to Tina Turner, a star who “used her trauma to change the world”

Angela Bassett, Mick Jagger... The farewells to Tina Turner, a star who

All earthquakes end. Even human earthquakes like Tina Turner, the mythical soul singer who passed away yesterday at the age of 83. During her more than half a century career, the Tennessee artist managed to survive her husband’s abuse Ike Turner, to become an example of front woman unstoppable (there was only one thing more powerful than his dances, and that was his voice) and to carry out, from 1984, one of the most successful comebacks in the history of popular music.

charm actress over the top In addition to being a singer, as shown by films like Tommy and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome turner became a role model for numerous movie and music stars. It is normal, then, that many of these stars have said goodbye to the ‘queen of rock & soul’ on social networks after announcing her death.

Angela Bassett, who was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Tuner in the biopic Tub (1993) expressed his pain in statements to The Hollywood Reporter. “How do you say goodbye to a woman who mastered her pain and trauma and used it to change the world?” began. According to the actress, Turner’s example “showed other people living in fear what a beautiful future filled with love, compassion and freedom should look like.”

Bassett continues: “The last words he said to me (to me) were ‘You never imitated me. Instead, you reached into your soul, found your inner Tina and showed it to the world.’ I will keep those words close to my heart for the rest of my days.”

Mick jagger, musician and actor who shared the stage with Turner when she opened for the Rolling Stones, added to the condolences, recalling her “wonderful friend Tina Turner”: “She was inspiring, caring, funny and giving. She helped me a lot when I was young and I will never forget her.”

Amir ‘Questlove’ Johnson, Oscar-winning musician and filmmaker for summer of soul expressed his grief by describing Turner as “the king and the queen”. “She was everything. Man, this was one of those stars I knew would make it into three figures. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Tina Turner. But it’s 2023, and here we are. What an amazing life.”

“Iconic. Beautiful. Brilliant. A survivor”: this is how the farewell of the actress begins Viola Davis. “Our first symbol of excellence and unabashed mastery of one’s sexuality. You were my childhood. Oh man! God take an angel today. Rest well, Queen Tina Turner. We’ll bask in your legacy!”

Diana Ross, another queen of soul who also made her first steps on the screen, published a photo in which she appeared with Turner to accompany a brief goodbye. “Shocked. Saddened. I send my condolences to the family and loved ones of Tina Turner.”

“Tina Turner was an icon we love for her voice, her way of dancing and her spirit,” writes the Oscar winner. Forest Whitaker. “As we honor her, let us also reflect on her resilience and think about the greatness that can happen to our darkest days. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Tina. You’re simply the best.”

another diva, Bette Midler, recalled Turner’s difficult life in his farewell: “From Nutbush [su ciudad natal] to the top, she was an absolutely brilliant performer and an inspiration to all of us. Hopefully the choirs of angels are lulling her rest, but, knowing Tina, she’s singing solo.”

Stephen King, For his part, he chose to quote the song with which Turner achieved one of his biggest hits in 1989: “Tina Turner: simply the best” [simplemente la mejor].

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