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Android will block all apps it deems ‘abusive’

Android will block all apps it deems 'abusive'

android 13 released its first official beta a few days ago. This version can now be installed on all smart phones compatible; it comes with a few changes from the previously released developer preview. On this occasion, it seems that Google has taken seriously the permissions of the Applicationsand perhaps too much.

It seems that Android 13 will not allow granting permissions to some applications that it considers ‘abusive’. In this way, certain types of applications will not be able to access the information of the mobile deviceseven if the user is willing to provide it.

Until now, Android app permission limits have been pretty lax. In fact, in several previous releases, you could see how some permissions were grouped into categories; instead of providing more specific control for each.


Well, it seems that from Mountain View, they have taken action on the matter and now Android 13 provides an additional barrier to make it difficult for third parties to access users’ personal information.