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Android: what is Wifi Direct and how to use it to send large files from the cell phone

The way files are sent from a mobile phone to another has changed a lot over the years. Until not long ago, sending a photo meant placing two cell phones together to harness infrared rays. Then there’s the Bluetoothwhich greatly simplifies the task, and together with the Wifi and smartphones, apps like WhatsApp or Google Photos are set as the default system for sending files.


But there are more systems. One of the most popular ways, although not as well known as WhatsApp or Telegram, is Wi-Fi Direct. This function is installed in all current mobile phones and allows you to connect two smartphones with Wifi to each other without a router or an access point.

In this article, TechMarkup brings more information about this technologyhow it works and how it can be configured on a smartphone Android.


What is Wi-Fi Direct

Specifically Wifi Direct is certified by Wi-Fi Alliance. In a nutshell, Wifi Direct allows one of the devices act as an access point and the other as a client. In this way, a connection is established between them without the need for an intermediary device (usually a router). It is basically a private wireless network between two devices.


Wifi Direct is integrated into all Android mobiles, but the file sending function is not implemented as such. To exploit it, you need to use a third-party application, such as Mi Drop, Share It, Xender or Send Anywhere.

Profits? The speed can reach 250 Mbps while Bluetooth 5.0 stays at 2 Mbps. Requires the app to be installed on both devices.

This is how you can configure Wifi Direct on Android


The tracking path will depend on the mobile device being used and its customization layer, but Wifi Direct settings are always found in the network section. In the case of a pure Android, which is in the vast majority of cases, the steps are as follows:

1. Access the app ‘Settings’.

2. Go to ‘Network and Internet’.

3. Select ‘Wifi’.

4. Go to the bottom and select ‘Wifi preferences’.

5. Pull down the menu ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Wi-Fi Direct’.

Once there, the telephone it will start to search for Wifi Direct devices around you and list them. When you want to connect to a device, you just have to touch it and confirm the connection on it.

As for mobiles, little or nothing can be done at the moment. As mentioned earlier, in most cases you will need a dedicated application.

This is how you can send files using Wifi Direct

There are many applications to send files through Wifi Direct, but this time it has been chosen my drop, being completely free.

The first thing is to download and install it on both devices, which can be done directly from Google Play Store. Now, you have to follow the following steps:

1. On the sending cell phone, click on ‘Send’.

2. On the receiving cell phone, click on ‘To receive’.

3. On the sending cell phone, select the file(s) you want to send. There are no limits.

4. On the radar that appears, click on the receiving mobile name or, failing that, scan the QR code.

5. Accept the connection and wait for the transmission to complete.

Ready. In a second all the files will be sent. This can be useful for sending photos without loss of quality, or large files that take too long over Bluetooth, or that will consume a lot of data from your plan.

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