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Android: what is engineer mode and what are its benefits

The Android operating system has several hidden options for many, but not impossible to find, and that work to keep up with the behavior of the devices.

It is important to specify that these functions are very advanced for a person who has no knowledge of the deeper settings of the software Android, so if they are accidentally activated, some setting may lead to undesired results. It can even affect the performance of the device.

From engineer mode important aspects of the mobile device can be configuredWhat:

– Customize camera functions.

– Improved mobile phone volume.

– Configure aspects of Bluetooth connectivity.

– Processor performance analysis.

– Change the MAC address.

– Improve Wi-Fi connection.

– Know the current status of the battery.

This is how you can access the engineer mode on an Android cell phone

There are many ways to enter the engineer mode of Android and it also depends a lot on the brand or manufacturer of the device:

– The first option is through a smartphone that works with a pure Android ROM (Read Only Memory).

– Simply open the call app then type the following numbers and symbols: “*#*#3646633#*#*”; “*#*#4636#*#*”; “*# 15963 #” for MTK chips.

– In the case of chips Spreadtrumplace “*#*#83781#*#*”, finally you have to press on the button To call.

On Redmi, POCO and Xiaomi cell phones

– Mark on the call app the code “*#*#6484#*#*”.

– A screen will automatically appear with all the components used by the hardware of the telephone.

– You can also try this series: “*#*#64663#*#*”.

– At the terminals Xiaomi it will not be necessary to use the calling app. You just have to enter the Settings, can be found with the icon of a cogwheel. Now, enter Phone information and therefore press many times about the section Kernel version.

On Huawei cell phones

– Huawei calls it Project Menu and to access you just have to dial “*#*#2846579#*#*”.

– So users can have access to the hardware of the Huawei cell phone.

– Here you can check the battery status, update software, or perform a factory reset.

On Samsung cell phones

– Samsung calls engineer mode as Servicemode. In order to enter, you must dial “*#0011#”.

– Now, we have to touch the three points from the upper right corner and choose the option KeyInput.

– A mini window will open where you have to place the code Q0 to enable that mode.

– If the user wants a more professional version, he can check: “*#2683662#”.

On Motorola cell phones

– You must mark the following digits: “*#*#2486#*#*”.

– It will quickly take you to the mode CQATest.

Last but not least, only mobile phones with processors Mediatek or Prostrum can enter engineer mode, this being an essential requirement.

It should be remembered that this type of configuration it is only run by people with basic knowledge of Android system and technology.


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