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Android users can no longer buy e-books from Amazon

It felt like a cunning trick because for years, all users of Android had the ability to buy a Kindle book in the app amazon in a device with this operating system, when this couldn’t be done iOS.


But that unique relationship is over, as the Ars Technica outlet first noted. when trying to buy electronic bookss in the Amazon app on Android, you are now directed to a new screen explaining why the purchase option has disappeared.

If the app is updated, you’ll see a note similar to what you might see on an iOS device, saying that purchasing digital products in the app is not available.


First it was iOS and now it’s time for Android devices

Amazon withdrew support for purchasing digital books from iOS devices in 2011.


The goal was avoid the “taxes” that the app store from Manzana inflicts on digital products. Comixology, the comics app, lost the ability in 2014 shortly after it was acquired by Amazon.

It was, and still is, a deeply annoying byproduct of the App Store ecosystem. If you see a book you want to read and click on the button to buy it, it will take you to the Amazon app.

Then it have to go back immediately browsergo to Amazon and buy the book through that route. It’s not impossible, just a bit frustrating the whole process.


By comparison, buying an e-book on an Android device has always seemed like a user was getting away with it. And it is that Amazon made Android a attractive and direct alternative for those who spend too much time buying digital books on their devices.

Under the context explained above, Google is known to be cracking down on app developers who circumvent its rules. From next June 1, Google it would remove applications that did not comply with the rules of its billing system.

This is the why Amazon ended support for purchasing Audible audiobooks through the Android app on April 1, 2022, and competitor Barnes & Noble ended support for purchasing digital books through its app on April 4.

Interestingly, in March, Google announced a pilot program to allow app developers to use their own billing systems. The pilot program includes Spotifybut not Amazon.

That pilot program is likely due to the Google’s legal battle with Epic Games. Cracking down on the billing system may not help Google’s case, but much of Epic’s fight with Google is over the inconsistency with which it treats partners.

A key option to read articles or books from your cell phone without affecting your eyesight

If you are going to read an article on the web, You will have no choice but to choose a mobile browser for it. Now, if you are going to read a book or PDF document (some books are already in PDF format), it is better to choose a good one application to do it.

It is known that there are many applications for reading PDFs, with interesting bookmarking functions and other options.

Nevertheless, there are specialized applications into which books can be imported that provide functions that bring the user experience closer to that of an electronic book. Some of those recommended by TechMarkup are:


– Google Play Books

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