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Android: this is how you can open an application by drawing on the cell phone screen

In recent years, WhatsApp has become the application favorite of millions of users. Regardless of the distance, instant messages can be sent, as well as documents, images, sounds and files.


The platform is characterized by having many tricks and shortcuts to speed up use, that’s why TechMarkup brings how to open apps without touching the screen.

There are two ways to do it: the first is drawing a line on the screen smartphone; and second, pressing the on/off button twice.


It is important to note that the functions mentioned above they are only available on some mid-range or high-end phones, and of course these shortcuts only work on devices Android.

So you can make a stroke on the cell phone screen to open an application


– For this shortcut you have to download the application gesture. It can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

– Open the application and click on the option ‘Getting started.

– Then, you have to select the box Floating Button Mode and activate the switch ‘Appear on top’.


– The section will open automatically ‘appear on top’, where to turn on the switch ‘Gesture’.

– You have to reopen the application and scroll down until you find the option ‘Okay’.

– Now a mini window will appear with two options: ‘settings’ and ‘Confirm’. One has to select the first.

– Click here ‘Manage Gestures’, and then in the option Add.

– Make the stroke that the user wants in the blank space, for example: the letter O.

– Now add a name, which can be “WhatsApp”. Then save the changes.

– The next step is to press on ‘Launch App’ and choose WhatsApp.

– Finally, you have to return to the home screen, click on the floating white button and perform the stroke the letter “O” to open the application.

How to open the app without touching the screen by double tapping the on/off button

– First, you have to enter the ‘settings’ or ‘Setting’ the cell phone.

– By scrolling down you can find the section ‘Advanced features’.

– In that section, click on the option ‘Side key.

– Then activate the switch ‘Press twice’.

– Two sections will be enabled, ‘Camera Quick Launch’ and ‘Open application’. Here choose the last one by clicking on the nut icon.

– Finally, all the applications that are installed on the device will open. device, and you have to press on WhatsApp.

And voila, now you just have to return to the main screen of the phone and, pressing the side key twice, It will be possible to verify that WhatsApp opens without problem.

20 basic commands to start using the Google voice assistant


– Ok/Hey Google, wake me up tomorrow at 7 am.

– Ok/Hey Google, wake me up Thursday at 9 am.

– Ok/Hey Google, set an alarm in 8 hours.

– Ok/Hey Google, turn off the next alarm.

Calls, emails and messages

– Ok/Hey Google, call dad.

– Ok/Hey Google, start a video call with brother.

– Ok/Hey Google, send an email to José with the subject “Tomorrow I’ll have lunch outside” and the message “Tomorrow I’m going to eat with my parents”.

– Ok/Hey Google, text Dad and tell him I’m going to train tomorrow.

– Ok/Hey Google, send a WhatsApp to my sister that says “Tomorrow I’m going to travel with mom and dad. Let’s go if you want.”

GPS navigation

– Ok/Hey Google, how to get to José Pardo?

– Ok/Hey Google, take me to my work

– Ok/Hey Google, where am I?

– Ok/Hey Google, where is the nearest gym?

– Ok/Hey Google, how far is it from Lima to Piura?

– Ok/Hey Google, how long would it take to drive to Arequipa?

– Ok/Hey Google, interesting places to see in Cusco.

calendar and notes

– Ok/Hey Google, what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?

– Ok/Hey Google, create an event for 4 pm next Thursday, to meet with a worker.

– Ok/Hey Google, take this note (mention “colon”): Discuss finances in the meeting.

– Ok/Hey Google, Note (mention “colon”): Write about Google Assistant for tomorrow.

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