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Android: the 20 most useful voice commands in Google’s virtual assistant

The voice assistants They are already part of people’s daily lives. The artificial intelligence little by little it is becoming an important part of homes and once users get used to it, it is difficult for them to stop using it.

It is common to use the wizard to ask for help with any questions that arise or to perform a task. Whether at home or in the car, you can ask him for help. simply by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”, it can be made to perform any task without having to look at or touch any screen.

For this reason, in this note TechMarkup will show first how to adjust Google Assistant so you can answer when the user calls you, and finally what are the most common commands, and what can be done with them.

Set Google Assistant to respond to the user’s voice

1. You have to open the Google application and touch the profile picture image

two. After this you have to tap on “Setting”.

3. A new window will be displayed, you have to choose “Voice”

Four. Here you need to select “Voice Match”.

5. A segment will appear with the option to activate “Hey Google”, you have to touch the switch.

Once these steps are completed the device will request enable the “Voice Match” functionwhich will serve to the device recognizes the exact voice of the owner and learn to identify the moments when exactly the assistant’s service is required.

20 basic commands to start using the Google voice assistant


Enabling an alarm through Ok Google is one of the most useful actions for you to help remember what to do and wake up at the desired time. This action is enabled with the following commands:

– Ok/Hey Google, wake me up tomorrow at 7 am.

– Ok/Hey Google, wake me up Thursday at 9 am.

– Ok/Hey Google, set an alarm in 8 hours.

– Ok/Hey Google, turn off the next alarm.

Calls, emails and messages

Similarly, the Google Assistant will also allow you to perform tasks related to phone calls without having to touch the screen of your mobile phone. What’s more, you can also send messages with certain apps like Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber. These are some examples:

– Ok/Hey Google, call dad.

– Ok/Hey Google, start a video call with brother.

– Ok/Hey Google, send an email to José with the subject “Tomorrow I’ll have lunch outside” and the message “Tomorrow I’m going to eat with my parents”.

– Ok/Hey Google, text Dad and tell him I’m going to train tomorrow.

– Ok/Hey Google, send a WhatsApp to my sister that says “Tomorrow I’m going to travel with mom and dad. Let’s go if you want.”

GPS navigation

In the same way, and from the Google Assistant, can also be used apps What Google Maps for GPS navigation. And with it you can also take advantage of the voice search function, which will allow you to perform some actions aloud while driving the car.

– Ok/Hey Google, how to get to José Pardo?

– Ok/Hey Google, take me to my work

– Ok/Hey Google, where am I?

– Ok/Hey Google, where is the nearest gym?

– Ok/Hey Google, how far is it from Lima to Piura?

– Ok/Hey Google, how long would it take to drive to Arequipa?

– Ok/Hey Google, interesting places to see in Cusco.

calendar and notes

Another basic option is browse the agenda cell phone like a virtual secretary and take notes for yourself when something is on your mind, or you have to remember an important topic to deal with later.

– Ok/Hey Google, what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?

– Ok/Hey Google, create an event for 4 pm next Thursday, to meet with a worker.

– Ok/Hey Google, take this note (mention “colon”): Discuss finances in the meeting.

– Ok/Hey Google, Note (mention “colon”): Write about Google Assistant for tomorrow.


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