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Android Auto suggests what to listen to while driving

Android Auto added the ability to receive audio suggestions. A button with the image of a musical note has been incorporated that will allow you to receive musical recommendations.

Pressing on that icon, which appears at the bottom of Android Auto, brings up a floating window with options to listen to on the go, including songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, podcasts and news.

Play suggestions appear next to notifications. It is an option that is available for some users for now and will soon reach others as it is advanced in Reddit.

With this function you can choose what to listen to on the road based on the apps and services that the user has. Everything appears centralized in the same space, without the need for the user to navigate through different applications.

It should be remembered that the purpose of Android Auto It is precisely to integrate the different cell phone applications on the car screen, to prevent drivers from keeping their attention on the road and their hands on the wheel., while they are driving their car. Like any system, it has very frequent updates, which seek to optimize the performance of this tool to the maximum.

“It’s as simple as connecting your phone to your vehicle’s screen and watching your Android apps appear. Press the screen to get car routes or speak to send a text message”, reads the official Android Auto page, a good summary to identify the purpose of this service.

At the beginning of 2022, Google announced the arrival of several new features to Android Auto that will be seen throughout this year. One of them is the incorporation of the new design called Coolwalk, a real facelift to make this platform more modern and friendly. This is the first major change to the app’s interface since July 2019.

The new aesthetic says goodbye to the status bar and all the icons are brought together in the navigation bar. Also, the button to summon the side dropdown has been removed. Just hold down the home button for a while to bring up the widgets in a pop-up format.

Another novelty to highlight is the function called Fast Pair (quick coupling), to connect Android Auto to the vehicle with a single command. Some brands such as BMW and Ford already have it incorporated in Europe and the US, and it is expected that it will be quickly adopted by other companies.

There will also be an automatic start that can be programmed, with which the system can be configured from the car screen directly, as soon as the phone is connected. You will have three usage options. One will be “Always”, in which nothing else will have to be done once chosen; another will be “Default”, in which you will have to choose each time the system is started, and finally the option “If it was used during the last trip”.

To make this task easier, a one-touch reply feature was announced, with the option of programmable short messages that can be activated with a button. This way you can say “Ok”, “I can’t talk right now, I’m driving” or “I’ll call you in a bit”, without major movements or distractions.

One of the most popular functions of the service is the possibility of listening to the messages that arrive in audio format, as well as responding to them in that mode. In addition, the help of the Google Assistant is key on this platform since it allows you to operate in hands-free mode, all you have to do is give the correct command for the artificial intelligence to do what is requested.



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