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Android Auto has a new update, how to configure it

Android Auto has a new update, how to configure it
Android Auto 8.6. (photo: AutoEvolution)

Today it is essential to have Android Auto in a car, the operating system of Google that allows blurring the distance between a car and a smartphone. It is perfect for executing voice commands and using applications such as google maps. Well it was recently launched Android Auto 8.6 in beta.

And, as usual, Google does not provide information about all the news that this version of the operating system contains, so users will have to find out the news for themselves and, of course, what bugs have been fixed.

Well, in this update of Android Auto 8.6as well as keep updating coolwalkthe operating system has also updated the settings menu to match the design of the rest of the program.


Google has chosen material design to refresh the Android Auto settings screen. It should be noted that this design is aimed at the settings menu that is seen in the cell phonenot on the head unit when Android Auto is activated.

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What’s new for Android Auto 8.6

As usual, the user will not find big changes in this new version unless he is a beta member of the official Google app, because after that the interface can finally be activated. coolwalk, which changes the way Android Auto works. This is a new interface that they have been working on for a while.

However, the interface situation is a bit tricky because it is not yet activated in stable versions of Android Auto. Google may polish it and fix bugs with each new update.

Android Auto.  (photo: Google)
Android Auto. (photo: Google)

And that’s because in most cases Android Auto news arrives and they are small changes in the code so that users prepare for the upcoming improvements. It should be remembered that this is a car system and one should not take too many risks and cause trouble while driving.

Because of this, Google often prioritizes app stability optimization over new features in Android Auto updates. Therefore, they were made stability improvements and added compatibility with new car models.

On the other hand, those who have already tried this new beta report that there is still a bug that close Android Auto when changing settings from the phone menu. Something that can be annoying but shouldn’t last long.

What's new in Android Auto.  (photo: Watch How It's Done)
What’s new in Android Auto. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

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How to update to Android Auto Beta

Since the version is in beta, you still have to wait a few days for it to reach its final version because the beta versions are closedthough this link It will allow you to try your luck in case there is a gap in the beta program, something that does not usually happen.

Another way to test the beta version is to download and install its file apkwhich is available at the Android Auto page from APKMirror.

On this site you have to choose between ARM and ARM64 architectures, although if your mobile is current it is almost certainly ARM64. Once the file is downloaded, all you have to do is install the apk on your android manually and restart.

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