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Android: 5 Ways to Watch a Video Call on TV

Android: 5 Ways to Watch a Video Call on TV
Make video calls from Android and watch them on a TV. (photo: Androidphoria)

The video callssince the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19, They took much more force in the lives of all people. But not only that, because those who currently have a family member or friend outside the country or in another city, making a video call can always be a viable solution. But did any reader know that you can make video calls on a android phone and see them in the TV?

Well, few people know this trick, but the truth is that it does not take more than 10 minutes to master it. And it is that often, the screen of the cell phone It may be small when making video calls. This happens when you have a mobile phone with a screen of limited inches or when there are many people involved in a video call.

But of course, things change when you go from the screen of a cell phone to that of a TVBecause even if you don’t have a huge television, it’s already much more than a smartphone. To do this, you need to use the smartphone to make a video call (capture the image and sound on the screen) and project it on the TV in real time.


In this way, and in case there are several members of a family behind the screen, everyone will be able to see the video call with better quality and, of course, with more volume.

How to pass a video call from a cell phone to the TV


When it comes to a video calling app, the truth is that you can use whatever you want. You can even make video calls on WhatsApp and stream them to your TV seamlessly. but also for google meet, Zoom and other applications that the user uses.

The trick works for everyone, because what is sent is not the application itself, but what is projected on the cell phone. If all of the above is clear, it’s time to get down to business. It is necessary to see what steps must be followed according to the device that it is necessary to choose:

1.Smart TV

This is not a trick, to be honest. And it is that if you have a Smart TVit is enough that both devices are connected to the same network Wifi. Then you have to look at the list of devices and when it appears, you just have to connect it.

Smart TV.  (photo: Google Duo)
Smart TV. (photo: Google Duo)


If you have one (or more) at home Google Chromecastwhich is probably a device that almost everyone has (considering old or recent versions), the process is very simple and fast.

Once both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is cast your mobile screen to the Chromecast.

When this is done, the video call (or whatever information the screen is currently transmitting) will appear on the TV. Compatibility is standard and no additional software is required.

Chromecast.  (photo: Google News)
Chromecast. (photo: Google News)

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If the TV has Android TV built-in, the procedure is very similar to Chromecast. First you have to open Google Homeselect the device and finally click on Share screen. Then it will be possible to see that everything is already displayed on the TV.

Android TV.  (photo: Android)
Android TV. (photo: Android)

4. Amazon Fire Stick

Now, if the reader uses this device of Amazonfirst you have to set the TV in mode HDMI and then activate the mirror mode from the options displayed in Home.

In Android settings, find the ‘Wireless Options’ and then click ‘Share screen’, ‘Issue’, or the option displayed (varies depending on phone model).

Amazon Fire will now appear in the list of devices, so all you have to do is click and go. The image and sound are automatically displayed on the TV.

Amazon Fire Stick.  (photo: Amazon)
Amazon Fire Stick. (photo: Amazon)

5.HDMI cable

Finally, if you do not have any of the above, there is no problem. The minimum investment is the purchase of a HDMI cable that allows you to connect the mobile to the TV. Just plug the cable into the HDMI port on your phone and TV.

Then use the remote to navigate to the newly connected HDMI channel and the image on the mobile screen should be projected on the TV.

HDMI cable.  (photo: Aboutespañol.com)
HDMI cable. (photo: Aboutespañol.com)

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