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Android: 4 tricks that improve navigation on YouTube

YouTube logo. (photo: Alpha Coders)
YouTube logo. (photo: Alpha Coders)

Youtube It is one of the most used video platforms in all Internet. Since its appearance, more than 10 years ago, this free page has gained a lot of popularity for all the content it offered and over time managed to adapt to several devices. Today this application is already found in almost all cell phones and despite the fact that it has been in circulation for some time, it still has functions that many netizens are unaware of.


Therefore, with some YouTube tricks, users can get more out of the platform than they could ever imagine, even that they can be adapted to your needs and preferences so that it offers everything you are looking for, making its use more comfortable.

There is a very interesting range of options and configurations in the appsand TechMarkup brings the best 4 options to enjoy the platform in a different way:

1. Turn autoplay on or off


YouTube has an option so that when you finish playing a video, you can start another automatically below, and it’s quite useful for not having to put a video manually every time you finish what you’re watching.

However, there may be times when you don’t want this reproduction to continue automatically. It can be deactivated by pressing the icon next to the subtitles button and chrome castor else do this:


– Click on the profile picture and tap on Setting.

– tap on Autoplay.

– Activate or deactivate the option.

Autoplay. (photo: YouTube)
Autoplay. (photo: YouTube)

2. Link with TV code

In a SmartTV or a TV Box can be configure YouTube to obey cell phone commands, and there are times when you will have to do it manually if the automatic binding facility is not available. This pairing is carried out by means of a code.

This code will appear in the television Y you must enter it in the cell phone or android tablets to control playback. You can send videos directly, or put them in a queue. The way to get to the section where you enter the code is this:

– Click on your profile picture and then tap on Setting.

– tap on Watch in the T.V.

– Click on ‘Enter the TV code’.

– Enter the code shown on the TV.

Link code. (photo: YouTube)
Link code. (photo: YouTube)

3. Tell YouTube that a video is not to your liking

YouTube’s algorithm isn’t perfect, and there’s more than one occasion where you might recommend some type of content that you do not want to see. However, the solution is quite easy.

And it is that, both in the player and in the preview of all YouTube videos there is a button where you can indicate that a video ‘doesn’t interest you’ to stop recommending it.

If the user is not interested in the rest of the videos from the same creator, you can also click on the option so that do not recommend videos from that channel again. You have to do it this way:

– Click on the 3 point menu next to the video.

– Click on I’m not interested.

'I'm not interested' button. (photo: YouTube)
‘I’m not interested’ button. (photo: YouTube)

4. Browse in different categories

The YouTube trends section changed position, and now it is located in another section in which it also includes a series of categories in which you can browse to find content that is of personal interest.

This is located at the top of the main screen, and when clicking on it, it will take the user to a section with trends and other categories that may be of personal interest to discover content.

'Explore' option. (photo: YouTube)
‘Explore’ option. (photo: YouTube)


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