Android 14: Google is already active around the next version

For now, the most high-end Android smartphones are “still” running on Android 12. But from the end of the summer – probably around September – the stable version of Android 13 will be offered on a few smartphones (mainly top of the line). The first served will be the Google Pixel (Pixel 6 / Pro, Pixel 5 / 5a and Pixel 4 / XL, 4a and 4a 5G). But other smartphones should join them soon, with high-end models like the Galaxy S22, Samsung’s foldable smartphones or the Oppo Find X5.


There will also be more mid-range and entry-level references, including the latest Poco and Redmi or the Xiaomi Mi 11, the OnePlus Nord or the Realme 9. For now, we don’t really know what Android 14 will look like. , which is quite normal considering that Android 13 is still only in the Developers Preview phase. In other words, the version is not yet finished and is still riddled with bugs. However, as our colleagues from 9to5Google report, clues to the start of Android 14 development are beginning to appear.

Android 14: development of the next version starts now

The site notably spotted a modification of the AOSP project with the mention of a new sweet code name attached to this new version. Since the first Android OS, Google has always given a dessert name to each new iteration: each version inherited a new letter of the alphabet and the whole game was to guess which sweet name the firm had chosen each year. For several generations, Google has chosen to switch to digital numbering putting these candy names aside.


And yet, each new Android version is still referred to by an internal dessert name. So, for example, Android 13 should have had the letter T and therefore logically has the internal code name “Tiramisu”. Android 14 inherits the next letter, the letter U. However, in the description of the modification made to the Android source code there is already a reference to the name “Upside Down Cake” or reversed tart in French.

Of course, in itself, the info is relatively unimportant: after all this code name is no longer used publicly. Its presence nevertheless betrays the very beginning of the long development schedule for this Android 14 version, which should not arrive on the first smartphones before the current of the year 2023. We will try to tell you regularly about the confirmed new features as the news falls over the next few weeks.

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