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Android 13: new virtual wallet and emergency services

TechMarkup had access to the details of Google about the operating system android 13. The news was announced within the framework of its annual event for developers, Google I/O where the new one virtual wallet, google-wallet, optimizations in the design and security of the mobile operating system were the main features.



As anticipated, a new Google Wallet is landing on Android that will allow store payment cards, transit and event tickets, as well as boarding and loyalty cards and student IDs. “We will launch Google Wallet on Wear OS, starting with support for payment cards,” they stressed from the company.

New features like the ability to save and access your hotel keys and office credentials from your Android phone will be added soon.


At the same time, The company announced that it is working with US states and other countries to add driver’s licenses and digital IDs to Google Wallet later this year.

The company is also working on the integration between Wallet and other apps in the ecosystem. For example, when a transit card (to pay tolls, for example) is added to Wallet, the details of that card as well as the balance will automatically appear in Maps when searching for an address and you will know in advance if the balance is running low.

More security in communication


The tech giant said it has been working with carriers and phone manufacturers around the world to upgrade SMS and MMS to a new messaging protocol called RCS for Messages.

With RCS, you can share high-quality photos, view type indicators, send messages over WiFi, and get a better group messaging experience.l. Currently, over 500 million Messages users are RCS-enabled.

Messages already offers end-to-end encryption for your one-on-one conversations. Later this year, encryption will also be added to group conversations, starting with beta.

Emergency service


The company developed on Android Emergency Location Services (ELS) to help first responders locate the victim when they call for help. The ELS service was recently launched in Bulgaria, Paraguay, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Earthquake early warnings already exist in 25 countries, and this year they will be launched in many of the remaining regions that are at high risk of this type of situation.

This year, we will also begin working with partners to bring Emergency SOS to Wear OS, so you can instantly communicate with a trusted friend or family member or call emergency services from your watch.

Optimization in the interface and updates in apps for tablets

Updates were made to the interface in 12L and Android 13 that optimize the information to fit the larger screens of tablets. New features were also introduced that help multitask. These include the ability to tap the toolbar to view the app tray and drag and drop apps to view them in side-by-side view.

To support these system-level updates, work is underway to improve app experiences on Android tablets. over the next few weeksmore than 20 Google applications will be updated to take full advantage of the additional spaceincluding YouTube Music, Google Maps, Messages and more.

At the same time, work is being done to give a renewed experience to other apps outside the Google ecosystem such as TikTok, Zoom, Facebook and many others. “All apps optimized for tablets will soon be easily searchable thanks to updates to Google Play,” the company announced.

More integration with connected devices

Getting things done can be easier if all connected devices communicate and work together. Greater flexibility was announced in Android, which impacts the use of mobile phones, watches, tablets and other products that have functions that are used in an integrated way.

With Chromecast, for example, you can watch videos, listen to music and more on the device you’re using at the moment. This means that after the commute to work, you can easily play the movie you were watching on your phone on your TV at home.

The idea is that you can automatically change the audio of the headphones while you go from watching a movie on the tablet, on the phone or make a change when trying to answer an incoming call.. Work is underway to add this tool to Chromebooks and in the car.

And when you need to do more across all your devices, you’ll soon be able to copy a URL or image from your phone and paste it onto your tablet.

Easier to see messaging apps on Chromebook

Earlier this year, experiences were previewed on various devices, such as lThe ability to expand Phone Hub on Chromebook to allow the user to access all messaging apps on the phone.

By streaming from your cell phone to your laptop, you can send and reply to messages, view conversation history, and launch messaging applications from your laptop.

Setting up and pairing devices is also being made easier with the expansion of Fast Pair support to more devices, including support built into Android.

WearOS Expansion

Last year the unified platform with Samsung was launched and later this year, there will be more Wear OS devices from Samsung, Fossil Group, Montblanc, Mobvoi and others.

For the first time, the Google Assistant is coming to Samsung Galaxy watches, starting soon with the Watch4 series. The experience of google assistant for Wear OS has been enhanced with faster, more natural voice interactions, so you can access useful features like voice-controlled navigation or setting reminders.

Other news

In the course of the last few weeks, some news that will be implemented in Android due to the launch of the first public beta has been revealed.

In the new edition, users will be able to hide notifications before they arrive. Therefore, starting with Android 13, apps will need to ask for permission to send notifications before they can do so. Now it is known that the window that will be displayed gives only two options: Allow or Deny.


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