Android 13 leak shows several new features of the Tiramisu version

A source with access to a preliminary version of the update that will succeed Android 12 has allowed us to discover the changes made to the Tiramisu version.

While Android 13 “Tiramisu” is at an early stage of development, the first screenshots already offer an exclusive glimpse of its potential new features.

A taste of planned improvements

Until then, an Android user had the possibility to select the language of his device, and this, in a generalized way for the whole system. The new version could feature a new feature called Palingual that would allow polyglots to set a specific language for each app. The user could thus access this option directly in the “Language and input” parameters.


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Regarding the management of energy consumption of the device, Google would deploy a feature called “TARE”, acronym for ” The Android Resource Economy “. This would allocate a number of credits to each application of the device, depending on the remaining battery level. These applications will then draw on the credits to continue operating without using too much battery.

On the display side, some improvements would be added to the Android lock screen. This new setting would keep the clock layout in a single line, even if notifications appear. Currently, Android 12’s display shows a two-line lock screen.

Android 13 leak: Google would offer a solution to spam

Each application installed on Android can send one or more notifications to a device. The greater the number of applications on a mobile, the more regular the sending of notifications will be, and especially important. This generates notification spam.

A new feature of this update would be the simplified management of notifications, which would provide a solution to this spam. Against this threat, Google could propose a new request for authorization of notifications to the Tiramisu version. This will allow the user to allow or not the applications to send notifications to their device.

This new update promises to be rich in improvements. But, as the Tiramisu version is still being considered, the features mentioned above will not necessarily be present in the next update, scheduled for 2022.


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Source: XDA Developers

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