Android 12L on the Surface Duo has become impressive

The current generation of the Microsoft Surface Duo not only has a completely unique approach, but also received high-end hardware and a powerful camera system, supports the Surface Slim Pen 2, and the hinge is equipped with a notification and display function, which makes the device extremely exciting. (At least I think so.) The Surface Duo 2 came with Android 11 last year, which is now upgradable to Android 12L.



Microsoft edited a unique user interface for the system version optimized for large-screen devices, so the Surface Duo 2 presents a unified appearance with Windows 11. The icon set, animations and colors are all reminiscent of the desktop operating system, while the achievements of Android 12L have been retained in terms of functionality. Surface Duo users will receive a 2.6GB update pack with October security protocol, while Duo 2 users can download a 3.2GB pack.

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