Android 12 release date: What to expect from Android 12 beta 3.1 Update

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We are currently in the second phase of releasing Android 12. But don’t worry. There is still a long way to go for the Android 12 release date because the operating system is not stable enough for consumers to use.

We are looking at the Android 12 3.1 beta release and timely updates for this version. There are also two beta versions and three developer previews. It is expected that there will be at least one more beta in the future. The Android 12 release date can be easily predicted before or after beta 4.

For reference, Google released the first beta version of the Android 11 update in June and the final one in September last year. You will most likely see a very similar release chart this year.


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Google will be releasing a monthly Android 12 update. The latest official information reveals that there will be a fourth beta version in August. The beta versions are of any software are good for consumers but not a perfect one for daily use.

The Android 12 release date will be easy to predict after the fourth beta version. Depending on the progress of development, this can be done from mid-August to the end of August. Maybe early September. As the Covid-19 Pandemic has delayed everything in the world, so you must lower your expectation.


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Android 12 beta 3.1 Update

Android 12 Beta 3.1 update has solved all three terrible problems with a tiny 738KB. This update will be available within two weeks of the first beta 3 debut, but Android 12 Beta 3 still has a number of important bugs that Google is tracking on its official tracking page.

This version is much more stable, so anyone looking to stay updated can install the Android 12 beta having a compatible device. There are dozens of smartphones out there today, including the latest Pixel smartphones and the best Android smartphones of other famous smartphone manufacturers.

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