Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s running well!

Recently deployed on smartphones compatible, the new version of Android has posed some bugs which have forced some manufacturers such as Samsung to temporarily stop its deployment.

While it is primarily intended for the most recent devices, the latest Google OS can be installed on older smartphones. That’s what a developer did by upgrading an old Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 12.


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When Android 12 is running on a Galaxy S3

This little sleight of hand was made possible by tapping into a custom ROM via LineageOS 19.0, based on Android 12. As stated XDA Developers, if this venerable smartphone has not received an update for years, it is very popular with fans of root Android which continued to develop on the device. As a result, Android 12 runs surprisingly well on a Galaxy S3, showing that recent items are displayed fairly quickly.


If a certain delay is required for the completion of tasks, the performance of the Galaxy 3 under the latest mobile operating system does not have to be ashamed. Obviously, not all the features are available, but the basics are there: network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerated video playback and even photo sensors are supported.

Several annoying bugs are still present, such as the unlocking of the SIM card by PIN code, unusable for the moment. Other known issues: The NFC module does not work and formatting the SD card always causes the device to restart repeatedly.


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The developer is working to repair the faults and tackle any other difficulties that may arise as a result of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 12 update. We anticipate receiving a more concrete model in the future, albeit there is no certainty that the efforts made to remedy the issues will not expose the device further. Owners of abandoned Galaxy S III units, on the other hand, may like to try the modified ROM. In such cases, there may not be much harm done.

Source: XDA Developers

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