Android 12 is being rolled out to the Nokia G21

There are two phones left in the Nokia G-series that have not yet been updated to Android 12. These are the Nokia G11 and G21 phones. It won’t stay that way for long, HMD Global has started the update for the Nokia G21, it’s not available for everyone yet, but it has appeared in some regions — China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, Russia, and Germany, which is closest to us according to nokia forums the update.


Nokia G21, now with Android 12. [+]

The Android 12 update is around 2.3 GB in size and includes the September 2022 security package, which is welcome in light of the fact that the G21 has so far been running the security patch from March this year with Android 11. According to the forum, update 12 is not the best in terms of uptime, and the use of the Adobe Scan and Spotify applications is sometimes problematic on phones with the new system. According to the manufacturer’s promises, the Nokia G21 is destined for two major version updates, for now this is the first one it will receive, HMD has not commented on Android 13.

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