Android 12 features, release date, and which phone is first getting it


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Android 12, Android 12 beta, Android 12 release date, Android 12 features, Which phone is getting Android 12 first

The detail of the first beta version of Android 12 was given by Mountain View company in an event called Google I/O 2021. It will be launched on smartphones in the second half of this year. In addition, there are many new functions.

Currently, thousands of devices are getting update to Android 11. Although Android 12 has been released, the final version is expected to reach the first Pixel devices that receive Pixel devices within a few months.

The Google I/O 2021 event also showcased the new navigation elements of Google Maps, its search engine, and its assistants.

What will be new in Android 12? Here, we will introduce you to all the details of the Android 12 Beta, the next-generation smartphone operating system for developers.


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New Android 12 Features

Let’s talk about new Android 12 features coming in the next few months.

Personalization: A completely new design has been include in Android 12.  New mind mapping of a completely new experience of colors, shapes, and designs. The overall result comes out more expressive, excellent personal experience than ever before. Pixel devices will get Android 12 first, you will be able to fully personalize your phone with redesigned widgets and custom color palettes.

Animation and motion: On Android 12, your phone will respond to touch faster with smooth motion and animation. For example, The clock will appear bigger when all the home screen notifications are dismissed.


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Redesigned space: Some important spaces such as the shaded area for notifications have been redesigned. The Google Pay and Home controls are included in the quick setting space now, you can press and hold the power button to turn on the assistant and make a call and ask questions.

Private and Secure: A new privacy dashboard with features that increase transparency about which applications are accessing your data and provide more controls so you can make informed decisions about how much private information your applications can access.

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