Andrés de La Academia caused a furor in networks by covering ‘Ripped Pants’ from “SpongeBob”

The singer performed a cover of a song and “SpongeBob” (Photos: Instagram/(laacademiatv/bob-esponj-)

the grand finale of The Academy: 20 years is yet to come, because next Sunday, August 14, we will know which finalist will obtain the title of top winner, in addition to each of the questionable prizes that were offered for that season. Although the bets among the fans are already made, academics have not been trusted by applying strange techniques.

During the last week of “closure” inside the most famous singing house in Mexico, Nelson, Sea, cesia, Andrew Y Ruby They have shown that their desire to win is greater than any kind of embarrassment they may experience in order to sympathize with viewers and thus cast votes in their favor in the great outcome.

For this reason they have started to make covers of all kinds of songsas was the case of Andrés who, with guitar in hand and pointing at one of the main cameras that monitors the house, began to sing one of the most remembered and loved songs by fans of the most famous cartoon of Nickelodeon: sponge Bob. The scholar interpreted Ripped jeansthe popular tune that came out in the chapter in which the yellow character broke his underwear.

Cover of the GODs

Posted by Juan Mazon on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

While the artist sang, Nelson Y Ruby they did not hesitate to come to dance and applaud to also draw attention, even the other academics arriving to also take advantage of a few moments in front of the camera that Andrés had already obtained. A very funny and viral play on social networks that might seem innocent but has achieved its true goal: conquer the public.

The viral videos of the moment have had a large number of comments in which there is talk of an intention to vote in favor of Andrésbecause they assured that in addition to singing very well, he does things out of the ordinary that go back to old and new generations to an essential part of their childhoods, such as the caricature responsible for iconic characters such as Patrick star, Mr. Crab, Gary, Seedling Y Sandy.

“Is there something that man does not do well?” “The best cover I’ve heard of this great classic sponge Bobyou have my vote”. “May I sing it on Sunday in The academy and rest assured that he wins.” “In addition to being handsome, he likes sponge Bob, it is perfect”. “The song is so funny and yet it made it look like a piece of art.” “All in love with Andrés after the cover of Bobsurely everyone will vote for him ”, they wrote on social networks.

Ripped jeans: It is a song that appears in the episode of the same name and for Mexico and Latin America it was performed by Kaihiamal Martínez. This is the first original song of the series. In some countries this song was cut and it skips to the part where Sandy forgive sponge BobAlso on DVD Absorbing Favorites includes a karaoke version, which removes all the lyrics from the song.

The techniques of academics to win votes in the final

Andrés has not only made the cover of the popular cartoon, he has also made one of the boy band most popular in recent decades: one direction. Together with the rest of his classmates and with the company of one of the presenters of come the joy, William Valdesthe academics have played along with their colleague and have entertained the followers in TikTok and 24/7, looking for any way to win because they even performed choreographies of the successful saga of Disney: High School Musical.

The 5 finalists of The Academy 20 years: Nelson, Rubí Mar, Cesia, Andrés (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)
The 5 finalists of The Academy 20 years: Nelson, Rubí Mar, Cesia, Andrés (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)

the grand finale of The Academy: 20 years will happen next sunday august 14 Through all the signs Aztec TV in Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.

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