Andrea Escalona uncovered if she will eat her placenta

Last June, Andrea Escalona officially presented the sex of her baby Photo: Instagram/@andy_escalona

Andrea Escalona is in the happy expectation of her first babyand almost six months pregnant, the driver of Today talked about how would you like your delivery to be and revealed if he has thought about obtaining the benefits of eat your placenta, once your child is born.

“The truth is that I feel good, my arms feel the same, my legs, my face, but I do feel in my abdomen, where the baby is, my 500 grams, that’s great,” shared the daughter of the deceased producer Magda Rodriguez to the cameras of a group of reporters on the outskirts of Televisa.

Andrew, who expect the arrival of your child between December 15 and 20, this 2022, she said that she was filled with tears when she was able to see her baby’s face in her recent 6D ultrasound.

With this message, Escalona informed her followers of her happy pregnancy (Photo: Instagram/@andy_escalona)
With this message, Escalona informed her followers of her happy pregnancy (Photo: Instagram/@andy_escalona)

“I couldn’t see him live, but he was behind me, I was trying to make him like ‘the exorcist’ to try to see him, but I couldn’t see him and I asked them to give me the witness. I saw it on my cell phone, I start to cry, it gave me a feeling that yesterday I was looking at me and don’t touch meI cried and cried with emotion, with joy, with not believing it because the truth is that sometimes you don’t get 20″, highlighted the 36-year-old actress.

The famous also shared that still she has not decided how she will give birth to her little onebecause she will let herself be carried away by the recommendations of her doctor, with whom she has felt very well cared for.

“I am cooperating with life, I started taking some psychoprophylactic classes, right now I have reviewed what’s up with the water, what’s up also with having it at home, The truth is that it does scare me a little as a new mom, that is, nothing like your hospital, your doctor, so that at any moment you can see everything, ”he said.

In recent days, Andrea Escalona presented her baby's father to Hoy's audience Photo: Instagram/@programahoy
In recent days, Andrea Escalona presented her baby’s father to Hoy’s audience Photo: Instagram/@programahoy

If you can go natural, if not cesarean sectionI’m not like ‘nothing has to be this’, but also continuing with my pregnancy, with what the doctor tells me, because I think that if they come in a certain way or if they have a certain space at that time… I am very willing to collaborate”, added the presenter of the morning Televisa.

Andrea Escalona also revealed if you have considered eating your placenta, a trend that some celebrities such as Anahí, Iran Castillo, Evaluna Montaner, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have already resorted to. And it is said that this practice is highly beneficial for the mother and her relationship with her baby, as it would help reduce the chances of a possible postpartum depression, in addition to providing nutrients to breast milk.

In this regard, the driver revealed that she does not have enough information, so is still evaluating the possibility of consuming itand if so, it’s probably not raw or cooked, but in capsules or “in a shake.”

Andrea uncovered that her belly weighs 500 grams (Instagram photo: @andy_escalona)
Andrea uncovered that her belly weighs 500 grams (Instagram photo: @andy_escalona)

“I wanted to ask Iran (Castillo), I am going to do a report on that. With all due respect, my godmother told me ‘but what the fuck is that’but they say they have many benefitsin one of those they shut my mouth, I find out and that they make me a pill, liquefiedwhat do I know, if it works for us we eat it and if not, well no, I don’t know, I’m not so denied yes, no, nothing, but right now I’m not going to eat any of that, “he commented between laughs.

Likewise, Andrea stressed that she is excited to feel the movements of her baby, whom she procreated next to her partner, a young man named Marco, or “Markino”as he affectionately calls him and who has no relationship with the artistic medium.

“It moves a lot, it even comes out of me, that the head, that sometimes it has a chipote in another place. His dad plays classical music for him that he likes a lothe moves, that I talk to him, I talk to him, I started writing again, I write to him, I am super connected, ”revealed the future mother.

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