Andor: Star Wars Series Gets First Warm Reactions; Look!

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andornew series from the universe of Star Wars for Disney+, is getting closer and closer to its launch! With a premiere date set for September 21, the series is a prequel to Rogue One and follows Cassian Andor five years before the events of the plot.

Even before the release, critics and a few lucky fans were able to check out the first episodes and the warm reviews have already started to emerge on social media. Let’s see what are the first impressions?

Check out reviews of Andor, the new Star Wars series

“A month or two ago I watched the first four episodes of #andor and it’s amazing. Quality production design, vivid worlds, real settings and characters that look like real people. It’s the best of Disney Star Wars so far and much needed for the franchise!” – Rob Keyes

“Cassian #Andor is a very, very different type of protagonist from Star Wars. elusive. A crook. A liar. And that makes the show even better. Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgård stand out whenever they are on screen together.” – Alisha Grauso

“I watched the first 4 episodes of #andor and I’m loving your simpler, down-to-earth approach. It’s different from the other shows, with less humor. Also, it plays more like a police drama than a space opera. I liked how it highlights the low-level Empire leaders as it reveals a rebel alliance slowly forming.” – Erik Davis

“I saw the first 4 episodes of #andor and it’s a big win for me. I was very impressed with the story, full of characters with ambiguous morals. There are definitely a few moments of *Leo pointing at the TV*. All in all, it’s grounded, beautifully shot, and I can’t wait for more.” – Meredith Loftus

“#andor Looks like #Star Wars in the best ways, and it looks like something completely different from the best ways too. It’s rare that such a well-known franchise manages to bring something that feels fresh, but I think this show does.” – Lissete Lanuza

More about the Disney+ series

andor focuses on Cassian’s journey and the growing rebellion against the Empire. Before becoming a hero, the character doubts himself and embarks on an adventure to discover his true destiny.

The first three episodes of the series premiere on the streaming platform on September 21. In total, there will be twelve episodes. In addition, the 2nd season of the series Star Wars has already been confirmed.