Andor: Diego Luna reveals which Star Wars scene made him cry



The debut season of Andor, universe series Star Wars, came to an end on Disney+. There were 12 thrilling, action-packed episodes that captured the hearts of fans and critics around the world. And one of the great elements responsible for all the success of the series is Diego Luna, actor who lived the protagonist Cassian Andor.

The artist first appeared in the franchise Star Wars in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), and continued his role as Cassian Andor on the Disney+ series. Involved with the character for years, therefore, Luna has proven to be a great interpreter for Rebelde and highlighted some moments in his career.

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In an interview with Collider, the actor told which were the most challenging scenes to shoot and remembered the sequence in which Maarva appears in the form of a hologram to make a speech full of hope and calls the inhabitants of Ferrix to overthrow the Empire.


“Well, I was riding in Ferrix and the director started playing Maarva’s words. So I was hearing the music one moment, and the words another. With the music, it was right before the words. Let’s talk about the music I’m walking in Ferrix and listening to the music, and I started crying. I didn’t want the character to cry. It was like ‘damn no, this can’t be happening’. I got really emotional,” Luna said.

The actor also highlighted how the work of Tony Gilroy, creator of Andor, was amazing and helped with every aspect of the production. “I’ll just say, every time I talk about the show, it’s amazing how nothing is ever taken for granted. The work of Tony and all the writers, it’s so perfect. It all pays off,” he concluded.

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Andor season 2

As already reported, the 2nd season of Andor has already been confirmed and will have 12 more episodes, which will conclude Cassian’s journey and Diego Luna’s participation as the character. The recordings even started recently.


However, the premiere of the new batch of chapters should take a while to arrive and should only be released in 2024. Until then, the full first season is available on Disney +.

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