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Andor creator says no one dies between seasons

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With the end of the 1st season of Andorone of the most acclaimed series of Star Wars for Disney+, fans are already eager to find out what’s next season.

The good news is that according to Tony Gilroy, the creator of the series, no one will die between the first and second seasons. As already announced, the next episodes will have a time jump of one year, which left many fans apprehensive.

“No one will die in this time jump. So if they survived the last episode… I won’t promise how long they’ll be alive, but everyone knows that. But, that’s it, if they survived the end of the season, they will all be alive in the 2nd”, revealed the creator in an interview with Collider.


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Still according to Tony Gilroy, each three-episode arc takes place in a different year – so the series will have more than one time jump. Consequently, the last four episodes are a direct prelude to Rogue Onewith the story wrapping up before Andor’s appearance in the film.


Fortunately, another surprise that pleases fans is the confirmation that the robot K-2SO appears in the next episodes.

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“I believe that [mostrar K-2SO] it’s one of the responsibilities of season 2. Obviously, if we’re moving towards Rogue One, we have to address it at some point.”

So far, the 2nd season of the series Star Wars does not yet have a confirmed release date.


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