Andor: 5 easter eggs from the Star Wars series that you didn’t notice

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After 12 electrifying episodes that were well-received by critics and fans alike, the first season of Andor ended last Wednesday (23), with the episode “Rix Road”. The Star Wars universe series aired on Disney+ and featured actor Diego Luna in the skin of protagonist Cassian Andor.

In the plot, we follow the hero (or anti-hero) living several adventures across the galaxy, as well as his process of transformation from a selfish thief to a true Rebel capable of fighting for the greater good.

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And, if you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you may have noticed some easter eggs throughout the series. But did you notice them all?

Well, we separate 5 incredible and hidden references from the last episode of the premiere season that, perhaps, passed your eyes. Check out!

5 Andor easter eggs for you to enjoy

5. Rogue One’s Death Troopers Appear in Season Finale

The final episode shows Dedra Meero, supervisor of the ISB (Imperial Security Bureau), arriving on the planet Ferrix to arrest Cassian. She appears accompanied by two Death Troopers, who are part of a group of Stormtroopers specializing in espionage.

They only work for Empire Intelligence and the ISB, which explains their appearances alongside Dedra. They first appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story🇧🇷

4. Mon-Mothma quotes Canto Bight

In an argument with her husband, Perrin, Mon-Mothma accuses him of reigniting her passion for gambling and warns him of the imminent danger this poses, as her driver works for the Empire and could report the situation to the government.

That is, the ISB would be much more attentive to irregularities and the character would not want to raise suspicions about her involvement with the Rebel Alliance.

In this conversation, she mentions the planet Canto Blight, introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi🇧🇷 Perrin has a not very pleasant history, shall we say, with the place.

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3. Message from Maarva

In episode 12 of Andor, one of the biggest surprises happens during the funeral of Maarva, Cassian Andor’s adoptive mother. In the scene, the character appears in the form of a hologram and delivers a speech full of inspiration, urging the people of Ferrix to fight and not lose hope.

Right off the bat, fans may have remembered two similar situations: Leia, in the first trilogy of Star Warswhen his hologram serves as the turning point for Luke to act; clone warswhen Saw Gerrera used the resource to incite others to fight.

In Andorincidentally, Maarva’s speech is one of the turning points for Cassian to change his mindset.

2. Luthen’s ship

Called The Fondor, Luthen’s ship is one of the most impressive in the galaxy and in the Disney+ series. In the penultimate episode, inclusive, we see how Luthen can be lethal when he sits in control of the rover. But what most caught the attention of fans was its cloak functionality.

The cloak mode is activated by the ship’s artificial intelligence and leaves it almost undetectable, making it invisible to enemies. We see this feature used in the season finale of Andorwhen Luthen leaves Ferrix.

The technology was first seen on the Scimitar, Dath Maul’s ship, and was popularized in the series. clone wars🇧🇷 Many speculate, in fact, that the tool was created by the Sith, an order of warriors who follow the Dark Side of the Force.

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1. The Death Star in the post-credits scene

As usual in big productions, the post-credits scene of Andor revealed a big easter egg of the franchise Star Wars🇧🇷 In the final sequence, a fan theory is confirmed when we discover that prisoners from Narkina 5 are building parts of the dreaded Death Star, a warlike space station created by the Empire.

Although the scene is somewhat contradictory, as the Death Star was already being made during Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, it may be that this is the second version of the station. Anyway, the reference is not so clear.

What we do know, however, is that the Death Star is responsible for Cassian Andor’s death in the future, as seen in the film. Rogue One🇧🇷 In that sense, the easter egg becomes very poetic (and sad).

Remembering that the 2nd season of Andor has already been confirmed on Disney+ and will feature 12 episodes as well, which should arrive sometime in 2024.