Analysts are counting on record breaking iPhone sales

On February 2, it is time for Apple to present a new quarterly report, but even now the analysis company IDC is flagging that there may be a double-digit sales race for the iPhone.

The reason is the autumn’s extensive covid shutdowns and riots at Foxconn’s factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, which negatively affected iPhone production.

According to IDC’s calculations, 72.3 million copies of Iphone were delivered during the fourth quarter of 2022, which can be compared with 85 million for the corresponding period the year before. This corresponds to a reduction of 14.9 percent.

Despite the sharp reduction, the competition is actually doing even worse, which means that Apple managed to sell the most mobile phones during the period.

The sales of smart mobile phones in the fourth quarter of 2022 (market share in brackets):

  1. Apple 72.3 million copies (24.1%)
  2. Samsung: 58.2 million units (19.4%)
  3. Xiaomi: 33.2 million units (11.0%)
  4. Oppo: 25.3 million units (8.4%)
  5. Vivo: 22.9 million copies (7.6%)

Other manufacturers sold 88.3 million units in total, which corresponds to a share of 29.4 percent.

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