An update made the noise filtering of the AirPods Max worse

The performance of the active noise filtering of Apple AirPods Max has deteriorated compared to before, after the company sent out the 4E71 firmware update for the headphones back in May this year. There are a lot of complaints on Reddit and other forums from users who feel the ANC is weaker than before. The fact that the quality of the active noise cancellation has deteriorated also confirmed by special test numbers conducted by This range is the one in which, for example, the soft rumble of the engines of buses or airplanes is heard, and which active noise canceling headphones were originally created to dampen.


The RTings according to their test, the update changed the level of isolation in the middle and high sound ranges, a smaller difference was measured here, overall the active noise canceling of the AirPods Max is still evaluated as good.

AirPods Max ANC performance before the update. (source: Sound Guys) [+]


Apple has not announced that it will touch on the performance of ANC, so there is no information yet on whether the deteriorated performance will be improved in the future. At the moment, only a new beta firmware is available to developers, in which there are no changes to indicate the restoration of ANC performance. What’s even more annoying is that users have no control over the firmware in the case of the AirPods product line, the earphones automatically install updates from iOS when Apple sends out the OTA and the earphones are connected to the phone or tablet. Through them, new functions, fixes and sometimes errors like the current one, for example, the performance of the ANC of the AirPods Pro earphones, were also degraded by a recent firmware.

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