An update has arrived for the Samsung Galaxy S6 series

Samsung recently updated the models of the Galaxy S8 series, and at the same time, the six-year-old Galaxy S7 series also received the GPS improvement package at the end of August. A new Android version or security update has obviously not arrived for the 2017 and 2016 devices, but it’s good to know that the manufacturer still cares about the veteran models if absolutely necessary.


The next surprise is the update of the Galaxy S6, which is even older than the two devices above, which was already in the fortunate position of receiving three main Android versions, so the The top model introduced in 2015 with the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system reached Android 8.0 Oreo after Nougat and Marshmallow. The 13 MB update is in principle it only includes stability improvements and bug fixes, “new and/or improved features” and “additional performance improvements”, but they probably messed with the GPS here too. The update first appeared in Belgium and the Netherlands, and will soon be available in most markets.

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