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An option to revolutionize the development of mobile video games, the company of mobile computing on the cloudlaunches Fungible Games (NFG) platform for mobile games developed in the Unity, Unreal and Cocos engines.


NFG allows games to be unbundled so parts of the game can be owned by different people, dynamically redeployed to the cloud, and delivered to players.

With NFG, developers have access to more ways to craft and build, and players can take advantage of their digital purchases and investments in any game, which allows to maximize the economy of NFT.


Game developers today can reuse the same game engines to create different games based on them, but taking specific elements from a specific title and applying them to other games is what becomes a total challenge.

This is how games work Fungible Games


NFG makes games consumable by allowing this method to be formalized (as mentioned above). Now, games can be divided into code, events, and game art, with each person owning different parts of the title.

The NFG platform can do this automatically for some existing games, or allow developers to do it on a scheduled basis. The game can query, and augment or replace, any of these disaggregated components with user or game developer components to create an expendable game, introducing a totally new experience.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg for the NFG platform. NFG unleashes millions of game creators to create new kinds of mobile gaming entertainment.” Rosen Sharma said, CEO and founder of In addition, he added: “by taking advantage of the promises of the Web 3.0 and bringing them to mobile, NFG breaks the limitations of today’s ecosystem and unleashes a new era of creativity and engagement for mobile gaming.”


NFG also introduces new levels of interaction between players, developers and game creators. For example, users can find and use NFTs in the game and create a fully personalized gaming experience by collecting images 2D Y 3D NFT-based or not, textures, videos and code.

The NFG platform can interrogate user wallets so that anyone can bring their NFTs or other assets into the game.

Opening up these assets to share between users and the game leads to great opportunities for developers and creators who can now allow fans to use their assets in the game.

heya (which means bedroom in Japanese), a mobile simulation game, was the first example of NFG. In this case, the game can interrogate the user’s wallet to see what assets it has, then allow you to place those assets on the bedroom wall, creating a personalized digital space and sharing entirely.

“NFG is an amazing new platform. It will transform the way games are developed in the future and the way games interact with their player.” Yang GUO said, founder and CEO of Heya Game. “It also offers existing mobile developers a path to Web 3.0 by building on existing business. This would not have been possible without the mobile cloud.”

You can also buy and sell fungible assets on the marketplace

While creating and customizing game parts is one of the biggest benefits of NFGs, users will still need a place to host their creations, and this is exactly where the NFG market comes into play.

This feature provides a place where users can search for NFTs and NFGs to purchase, then transfer and add them to compatible games.

And while the main point of NFGs is to offer highly personalized experiences to usersplayers can also create and share their individual NFTs for others to purchase and use in their games. These NFTs can be as small as a poster that can be hung in the virtual room of any game.

The market also works in conjunction with the panel of NFT control, a feature where you can view NFTs and assets purchased on many different platforms, in one place. This panel provides a lot of information about the items you own, including:

– The current owner.

– The original identifier of the asset.

– The number of existing copies of it.

– The date of creation and much more.

This platform also allows users to view the trading history of the asset in question, as well as publish it on any platform social media, either for advertising or just to show it to the followers, which is essential for the content creators they are looking to sell.

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