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An iPhone as a webcam? Apple created the surprise

Yesterday was WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. And as usual, there are announcements we were expecting like iOS 16 or the new MacBook Air and Pro M2, and there are those we didn’t see coming. Indeed, the Cupertino firm has announced that thanks to macOS13 Ventura, your iPhone will be able to turn into a webcam.

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Your iPhone as a webcam with Continuity Camera

Apple has just presented the breathtaking M2 chip that will equip its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Among all the new features of these computers, which are more powerful than ever, there is also a webcam of better quality: 1080 pixels, just that! In the post-pandemic era where video calls are even more present in our daily lives, it was the least we could do. However, some will keep their good old MacBook and Apple has not forgotten these users.

Gone is the passable or even mediocre video quality of your videoconferences, your iPhone can now act as a webcam with the new macOS Ventura version. Yes, the iPhone boasts of excellent camera quality and adds to the top of your Mac with the new “Continuity Camera” feature.

Thus, your video calls benefit from a much higher quality, for your greatest pleasure and for that of the people you call in FaceTime.

To take full advantage of this new feature, you will need to arm yourself with a new accessory. Yes, otherwise it’s not really funny. In the coming weeks, Apple aficionados will be able to equip themselves with a dedicated support to transform their iPhone into a webcam serenely. Otherwise, the more daring will be able to stack the layers and hope to keep their precious smartphone in balance, but we do have some doubts…

Among other new features for your video calls, you can also start a call on your iPhone and switch to your MacBook or iPad with the snap of a finger, without having to end the call. FaceTime, like other apps made in Appleare evolving thanks to iOS 16. To find out everything, here is our video summary.

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