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An application for women to find dates in Latin America

An application for women to find dates in Latin America
Bumble. (photo: Bumble website)

If any TechMarkup reader is currently without a partner and is looking for leave the bachelorhood back to start a 2023 in love, one option is to try using dating apps, since in this way you can meet people from home. For these people it may be interesting to know about Bumblethe dating application and social network, in which women take the first step.

By the way, this app officially comes to Colombia to encourage them to take the initiative and decide the purpose and tone of the conversation.

And it is that currently one of the most popular applications is Bumblewhich already has 42 million active users worldwide.


This offers many more features than other apps, and one of the most striking details is that women are the ones who start the conversation. Also, the profiles are verified to prevent cheating or identity theft and the app has also prohibited discrimination, otherwise the user will not be able to use the app anymore.

Unlike other apps, Bumble It can also be used to do business or meet friends. Likewise, it has moderation of photos and prohibition of derogatory body language.


The app expressly prohibits unwanted and derogatory comments about someone’s appearance, body shape, size, or health.

This includes language that could be perceived as fatphobic, disability discrimination, racist, homophobic, or transphobic.

In 2016, Bumble even instituted a photo moderation policy that banned all nudity and photos of children. In TechMarkup it will be explained much better how this application works.

What is Bumble

According to its website, Bumble was created to reinvent the rules of the game, as it empowers women, since only they can start a conversation with people who are interested. To date, the women have done more than 1,700 million of first moves on Bumble.

Unlike other dating apps, on Bumble women are the ones who take the initiative, therefore, they can avoid awkward conversations or with people they don’t like. On the other hand, this app has promised to eradicate abuse among users, so they follow up on all complaints.

Bumble cyber flashing.  (photo: Bumble)
Bumble cyber flashing. (photo: Bumble)

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How Bumble works

Bumble is very similar to other apps and social networks. It is necessary for the user to create a profile, upload photos and then start matching with the people that one likes.

However, in the case of heterosexual couples, women are the ones who must send the first message, otherwise they will not be able to chat. All this with the aim of promoting “respect, kindness and the empowerment of women”. In addition to looking for romantic relationships, Bumble also has other functions:

1. Bumble Date: a place for users to find dates.

2. Bumble BFF: a place for users to find platonic friendships.

3. Bumble Bizz: a place for users looking for a mentor, professional connections, or to advance their career.

Bumble features.  (photo: Bumble)
Bumble features. (photo: Bumble)

What new markets does Bumble plan to open next?

In November it has already officially launched the application in Colombia, making this the fifth market in Latin America where they actively participate with investment and targeted campaigns. Prior to that, in October it was launched in Argentina and for now, the key markets will be Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

As a public company, specific information on investment budgets in any of these markets or future launches in the region cannot be shared. However, “we are very excited to continue connecting more people in Colombia/Latin America through our product,” the company reports.

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