“’Amores que deceit’ seems like fiction, but it’s so real”: Omar Fierro talks about his participation in this series

“Amores que deceit”, a production about toxic relationships and with surprise endings. (life time)

Some weeks ago, lifetime premiere loves that deceive, its first original production made in Latin America and that through different chapters has revealed stories of women trapped in toxic relationships. Stories that are fiction, but that ultimately are not far from reality.

This Saturday, July 2, the eighth episode will be broadcast, “Companions to Death”and viewers will encounter Edna’s story (Ana Patricia Red) and Francis (Omar Iron), two widowers who have decided to attend a therapy group to overcome their family losses. The two have a lot in common and end up becoming good friends.

Edna (Ana Patricia Rojo) and Francisco (Omar Fierro) are two widowers who will end up united, but in a toxic way.  (life time)
Edna (Ana Patricia Rojo) and Francisco (Omar Fierro) are two widowers who will end up united, but in a toxic way. (life time)

However, everything changes as the days go by, and Francisco begins to see Edna with different eyes. He believes that she could become his new romantic partner, and then everything will get out of control.

“Francisco is a man who is obsessed, initially with his wife, who has already passed away, and later with Edna, whom he meets at this help center. When he meets her, he sets his eyes on her and has a clear goal: to turn her into a ‘replica’ of his wife. This guy ends up going crazy, and he just wants to live for eternity with his deceased wife, but through Edna, “Omar Fierro told TechMarkup in a conversation that happened a few days ago.

Behind the scenes of "Loves that cheat".  (life time)
Behind the scenes of “Loves that cheat”. (life time)

The protagonist of this story will find herself at a crossroads when Francisco makes the decision to kidnap her to convince her that “living together” is the best thing for both of them. Edna tries to ask for help, but Francisco cuts off all communication with the outside world. Will she manage to escape from the hands of this sinister mind?

Precisely, speaking of Francisco’s mentality, the actor assured that although at first he appears as a pleasant subject, the truth is that little by little he reveals his true face. “He is like the great thieves: before most people he is very charismatic, but deep down he has several secrets. He is a facade that he has to meet his goals.”

“Companions to death” can be seen this Saturday, July 2. (life time)

According to Omar Fierro, Francisco has always had fixations, he even had them before he was widowed, and viewers will also learn that as the episode progresses.

“He is a man who, beyond mental problems, lives with various insecurities. And as the minutes go by, the viewers will realize that in her wife he found a person who gave him security, who made him feel good and that is why he decided to put her on an altar. And when he dies, all that stability is gone, he ceases to exist, and that dark Francisco comes back to life.”

"Amores que deceit" airs every Saturday on Lifetime.  (life time)
“Amores que deceit” airs every Saturday on Lifetime. (life time)

The power of women in loves that deceive

The series exposes various situations that women face and will continue to face within society. And although in many of these moments they look fragile and exposed, the truth is that the production also shows that resilient and full of strength side, precisely as a clear message for those who are going through a similar situation: It is not easy, but you can always start from scratch and heal the wounds of the heart.

“Maybe many don’t know it, but we work with a team mostly made up of women. And that’s where the difference begins. One of the things that Lifetime has always done is to empower women and here it repeats the formula and it does not fail. Each story is hard, but it carries within it messages that both men and women should know”, Omar concluded.

The appointment is at 10:00 pm MEX/ 09:00 pm COL/ 11:00 pm ARG/ 10:00 pm CHI


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