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Among Us will have a virtual reality version

The video game Among Us will launch its version adapted to virtual reality in November 2022 (Among Us VR/Twitter)

The videogame Among Uswhich was released in June of the year 2018did not gain popularity until a few years after its release when a set of streamers well-known and even some world-class athletes began to play it.


However, with the advent of more and better devices virtual reality (VR)the video game is about to launch a new version exclusively for platforms that support these features as of November 10 this year, according to the official account of Twitter of the game, as well as the platform Steam.

Is VR version of the game will not be a sequel nor will it have a different in-game mechanics from its mobile or desktop version, but will adapt the features already known from play to a virtual environment.

How to play Among Us VR


According to what could be seen in the trailer published by goal quest on his official channel Youtubethe mechanics of the game, which consists of finding the impostor, organizing emergency meetings, completing secondary missions and going through a ship and its environments, will be the same as in its version available in other platforms.

Among Us will launch a new version of the game adapted for virtual reality

The experience of this new video game can only be multiplayer, so in order to use it, the user must gather a maximum of 10 more people.


The game will have the difference that, instead of being able to see all the space on a 2D plane, it will be reduced to the field of view of the playerwhich could provide a new experience for players, who will also be able to play a role within the crew of the ship.

For users interested in purchasing this title and playing it, the VR version of Among Us will be supported by devices goal questPlay Station VR, in addition to others that are compatible with the virtual store of Steamsuch as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality.

Furthermore, according to Schell Gamesthe developer of the original game, as well as this new version in VR, Among Us it will have some features that will make it more interesting:

Among Us will launch a new version of the game adapted for virtual reality

– Voice system within the game, with the ability to implement proximity chat (audio volume will depend on how far away the sound source is) to provide greater realism to the game.

– The minigames in the matches will be the same as the 2D version but will be adapted to a VR environment. In addition, others will be added that will be exclusive to this new version.

– Customization of crew members with costumes and character color changes. (Although at the moment it has not been shown what the crew costumes would look like in the VR version.

– Comfort and safety settings for users.

– The matchmaking of the players will not make differences between the platforms in which it is played. If a Meta Quest user invites others using HTC Live or other VR devices to the game, they will have no problem playing.

New version of Among Us in virtual reality (Screenshot)
New version of Among Us in virtual reality (Screenshot)

To access the pre-sale of the game and receive it as soon as it is officially released on the market, you can enter through the Steam website ( or the Meta Quest website ( ) within the Experiences section and then in the Gaming section.

The game will be available in nine languages, including Latin American Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.


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