Among Us BTS Collaboration announced for theme content

Collaborations with video games are more and more frequent. These have platforms that directly reach the target audience of the companies; We have seen, for example, a collaboration between Fortnite and Star Wars for the promotion of one of the films of the third trilogy. At the same time, Among Us BTS Collaboration has been announced.

Precisely, the title of Innersloth has announced another collaboration. This time, it is about the promotion of the Korean band BTS after the publication of the song Dynamite. Now, you can use the popular singers in the title of impostors and crewmen.


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Remember that this is a game where several players take control of a crew member of a spaceship. Within the team, there are certain roles and of course, there are the impostors who seek to eliminate them all.

In order to differentiate the different characters, you can buy skin in the store or perhaps dress up as a member of BTS. The ‘Limited Edition’ content will be available on November 25.

You can get the skins on the following platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS mobiles. Among Us is coming to PlayStation soon and plans are expected to launch on Xbox consoles as well.

Kpop has also entered the gaming world with the help of BTS World Mobile Games. Teamwork and Kpop is not a new phenomenon; Earlier this year, the PUBG women’s group was affiliated with Kpop Blackpink.


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What do you think about Among Us BTS Collaboration? What is your favorite KPOO group? Tell us the comments below!

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