Amber Heard faces machismo and the witch hunt (along with Eduardo Noriega) in the trailer for her return to the cinema

Few trials were as high-profile in 2022 as the one that faced Johnny Depp against Amber Heard. Depp sued her ex-partner for defamation after she published a text claiming that she had suffered domestic violence, and the process garnered unsustainable attention. Depp emerged victorious from the trial, and immediately afterwards it was learned that after his departure from Hollywood he wanted to return to the limelight through Jeanne du BarryFrench production by Maiwenn.

Jeanne du Barry inaugurated the past Cannes Film Festival and it premieres today, marking Depp’s great return to the cinema after the succession of scandals that, for example, left him out of the saga fantastic beasts. Heard, for her part, plans to repeat as Mera in Aquaman and the lost kingdom, which premieres this Christmas. But, since his role has been reduced in this sequel (according to the director James Wanwithout being in any way a consequence of his trial with Depp), his great return as a protagonist must be in the fire. An intense historical drama that premieres in the US this October 13.

Even without distribution in Spain, in the fire It is directed by Conor Allyn (No Man’s Land) and places Heard in a surprisingly familiar situation: enduring the scrutiny of a feverish crowd where misogyny and distrust of her testimony intersect. And it turns out that in the fireset in 1890, tells the story of the doctor Grace Burnham, a New York psychiatrist who travels to a town in Colombia to help a boy who appears to have inexplicable powers. Powers that could have killed her mother, causing her father (Eduardo Noriega) I looked for help.

Burnham sets out to help him and find a scientific explanation for what has happened. However, the locals react violently to the doctor’s interference in her affairs, due to her suspicion of psychiatry (a science that was still far from gaining a universal reputation) and the fact that she is a woman. . The situation will become progressively violent, while Heard’s character does what she can to protect the child, and his own life.

You can see the trailer below these lines.

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