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Amazon Prime Video has new features in the app

Amazon Prime Video.  (photo: Coin Singh)
Amazon Prime Video. (photo: Coin Singh)

One of the great advantages of Amazon-Prime, In addition to free shipping on its wide selection of products, is the service of Prime Video, a platform where you can enjoy series, movies and documentaries online, competing directly with many others such as Netflix, hbo max, Disney+ and company.

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While it’s packed with audiovisual content that won’t get bored, for the price of an annual Prime subscription, the design of its interface and the user experience were still a topic that many users put on the table to discuss. Until now.

From Amazon, they have confirmed a major update to the Prime Video app, bringing a complete redesign to its platform. The new design will appear for the first time this week on all devices in the program; such as media players, televisions, consoles and more. As for the smart phoneswill arrive from this week to Androidand a new version for iOS.

This is the new design of Amazon Prime Video that was needed

During the virtual event, a demo of the new Prime Video design running on Playstation 5. The app displays a full update throughout its interface, retaining some of its nature. The menu is now on the left side of the app, which greatly facilitates access to the different parts of the platform.

The application also won visually, as In most of its content you can see a small preview if you keep the movie or series in the spotlight.

Also they have been improved animations, which makes “the experience much more satisfactory when browsing the interface itself”, they mention from the company.

Amazon Prime Video.  (photo: Amazon)
Amazon Prime Video. (photo: Amazon)

From now on, in the appsthere will be a exclusive section to provide the 10 most popular titles on the platform. This header is easy to identify as it has an improved visual style and stands out from the rest.

They also wanted your list of Amazon Originals titles will stand out from other titles, with a dedicated section and more visual appeal.

Amazon Prime Video.  (photo: Amazon)
Amazon Prime Video. (photo: Amazon)

As Amazon mentioned, the app took about 18 months to develop. As is known, Prime Video is one of the few platforms that doesn’t innovate too much. Finally, and after years of waiting, a new interface has been found according to what it offers.

The content presented on the platform will also be displayed in a type of personalized card to give users more information about what is seen most in the application.

Also, separate subscriptions to the service can be accessed through a dedicated control panel. In this panel it is also possible to filter content that is only available in Prime, to hide purchase or rental options.

Amazon Prime Video.  (photo: Amazon)
Amazon Prime Video. (photo: Amazon)

All content not included in our paid subscription can be accessed through the ‘Store’, a dedicated section in which you will see more clearly the titles available to buy or rent. In addition, in areas where it is allowed, there will also be a section dedicated to live TV, with a guide to see the programs of the channels.

Another section that has changed is the search system. And it is that now you can explore between titles, genres and collections. In addition, the browser provides real-time recommendations as you write, also specifying which titles are offered on a subscription and which are available for purchase. Along with that, you can also filter between genres or resolutions (4K UHD).

Amazon Prime Video’s new interface arrives this week

Amazon will offer this new Prime Video redesign starting this week. The current change of appearance it is only visible in the app for living room devices as well as on Android. For web and iOS, users have to wait for the company to issue a verdict on the matter.

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