Amazon Prime Video and SBT sign an agreement for the production of soap operas

Amazon Prime Video and SBT sign an agreement for the production of soap operas

Amazon Prime Video and SBT announced today (14) that they have signed a long-term agreement on licensing and co-production of soap operas. As a result of this agreement, Prime members will soon be able to watch the Poliana Moça – currently on the air on SBT – also on the Amazon streaming service.

The first co-produced project will be Childhood of Romeo and Julietby author Iris Abravanel, an emotional story about two children from opposite socio-economic realities who are born into rival families.

Poliana Moça (SBT/Reproduction)

“We already have an exceptional relationship with SBT and, through this long-term agreement, we are strengthening ties and paving the way for many joint projects, thus reinforcing our investment in local content, with many ideas already underway,” said João Mesquita, country manager of Prime Video Brasil.

Audience success on SBT, especially among young people, Poliana Moça is based on the book written by Eleanor H. Porter in 1915 and is the continuation of the title The Adventures of Poliana. The cast includes Sophia Valverde, Igor Jansen, Thais Melchior, Lucas Burgatti and Enzo Krieger, as well as Dalton Vigh, Junno Andrade and Amanda Acosta.

“For SBT, this is another strategic step that will create many joint licensing and co-production opportunities. It is great to have such a serious collaborator, who recognizes the importance of local content and values ​​the quality and strength of the productions made by SBT”, said José Roberto Maciel, president of Grupo Silvio Santos.

The adaptation of Poliana Moça was led by Iris Abravanel in collaboration with Carlos Marques, Danilo Castro, Fany Higuera, Grace Iwashita, Gustavo Braga and Marcela Arantes, with a script supervised by Rita Valente, under the general direction of Ricardo Mantoanelli.