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Amazon added more artificial intelligence to the Echo Dot

Amazon showed the new features of the Echo Dot for this 2022.

amazon introduced a new generation of Echo Dot with improved audio and intelligence. The aesthetic changes of this next device are not very big, they are directed more to the LED changes in the clock, which will now also be a screen to see, for example, the titles of the songs, temperature or even a mathematical calculation.

Echo Dot AI Improvements

The changes in this section are aimed at a concept that the company calls “more contextualized experiences”, so new sensors were added that are complemented by software improvements.

So this new device will be able, for example, to turn off an air conditioner when a suitable or certain temperature is reached in the space in which it is located.

Additionally, the inclusion of the AZ2 Neural Edge processor will give Alexa a faster response speed and it will also allow assistants to function as a WiFi repeater, which will greatly help the connectivity experience at home.

In the case of devices of this generation that include a screen, children will find a more direct relationship with Alexa since they will be able to create stories together by choosing concepts and characters that appear. Shop the look is also included, which is a way of making purchases through AI that recognizes products thanks to photos from the Amazon catalog.

In terms of how it’s used, one-touch controls were added to pause or skip a song, but also to answer calls or turn off timers.

Changes in the audio system of the Echo Dot

Here is a move with several highlights, because the company included all new hardware that allows the device to have up to twice as much bass as its previous version.

The change in the entire architecture will not affect any of the design and instead a range controller has been added, which helps make voices much clearerwhich translates into a better experience when listening to music, podcasts and even the assistant himself.

This is the new audio architecture of the fifth generation of Amazon's Echo Dot
This is the new audio architecture of the fifth generation of Amazon’s Echo Dot

What about Echo Studio

Amazon’s smart speaker has several exciting new features for this year, including spatial audio for the first time and a wider range of frequencies, giving more clarity and punch to whatever plays on it.

But without a doubt, the subject of spatial audio is the most striking, because many other companies have included it and what it does is improve the stereo sound through the simulation of multichannel formats.

So, added to the Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio licenses, there is an experience with good quality standards, because it can even be used in formats that are not adapted to spatial sound.

In practice, this system can be understood as follows: the voices come from the center of the device, while the instruments come from the sides and thus a more enveloping audio is given.

The model of the Amazon Echo Studio for this 2022.
The model of the Amazon Echo Studio for this 2022.

Amazon also announced a new generation of Kindle e-readers, which guarantee a much higher resolution and double the storage.

The new model of this reader almost doubles the pixel density, going from 167 to 300 pixels per inch (ppi). In addition, the memory was improved to 16 gigabytes (GB) and a USB-C socket was incorporated. As for the screen, the six-inch screen with backlight was maintained, but the external dimensions of the device were reduced.

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