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Alternatives to Tinder: 3 applications to have a date and find a partner

The Internet has become the preferred medium for finding a partner and that is why many developers are creating specialized applications for society.

Here are three recommendations for dating apps, many of them free:


There are tons of dating apps on the internet and many that deal with finding a partner, but very few focus on single mothers and fathers.

This is the space it occupies stirto attract the attention of those who are looking for a partner and not think “let’s see when I mention that I have children”.

Stir is an application designed to help single parents meet, chat and date people who also have children.

Stir app, available for the web as well as for iOS and Android, asks questions about personality and values, then displays possible matches, always taking into account the zip codes provided.

Since it is difficult for single moms and dads to coordinate schedules, the app has a feature called Stir Time that allows you to see “available time” to help couples find the right time for a date. Busy schedule can be displayed on each profile.


Translated as “hinge”, this app’s main objective is the formation of successful relationships.

For this reason, it is special for those people who still believe in love, but who are afraid to go out to look for it in the real world, and they prefer to have a more or less tacit idea of ​​the person they will meet during a date.

Unlike most dating apps, this one has a vertical swipe system and not a horizontal one. That is to say, a user does not ‘discard’ the other to the right or left (depending on the app), but instead sends a person up who, although he was not to his liking, nor was it so disastrous as to be ‘thrown’ to one side of the screen.


Everyone knows that most people who enter a dating app do not arrive precisely thinking of finding the love of their life; It would be misleading to deny that people who search for these types of platforms do so with the goal of ending up being intimate with someone else.

However, Wouldn’t it be great if the person you meet has the same or similar personal, social and even political tastes as yours instead of just having a pretty body or face?

This is precisely what OkCupid offers, an app that, although It is not only used to be able to flirt, offers this type of services, although with slightly different characteristics.

Within their settings, people can set a profile according to the current political and social problems, and their respective position or taste towards them.


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